Before learning about the BEST LinkedIn Marketing Tools for businesses, let’s explore why LinkedIn Marketing is great for business growth. Typically, many business owners don’t use LinkedIn as a marketing platform. But, the below statistics will prove how effective LinkedIn is as a marketing platform.

✅LinkedIn has a 772 million user base and 30 million companies, making it the largest professional network in the world. Due to the large user base, LinkedIn is an excellent platform to generate leads.

✅On average, people open Sponsored InMail 52% of the time, while regular email campaigns only get opened 21.3% of the time.

✅Getting a lead on LinkedIn costs 28% less than on Google AdWords.

✅LinkedIn has 90 million senior-level influencers, 63 million decision-makers, and 17 million opinion leaders. That means your business can connect with the right people.

If you still do not have a LinkedIn profile for your business, refer to our blog article on How to create a LinkedIn Company Page for your business. Or watch our video tutorial below,

Best LinkedIn Marketing Tools for Businesses


Hootsuite provides a range of social media management tools to optimize your LinkedIn strategies. While Hootsuite’s scheduling capabilities are widely popular for saving time when sharing content on LinkedIn, its most valuable feature for LinkedIn users is its built-in recommendations.

Best LinkedIn Marketing tools . Hootsuite LinkedIn marketing tool

Hootsuite helps you to perform a variety of tasks:

✅Create and schedule LinkedIn posts and ads.

✅Ensure timely posting when your audience is online and active.

✅Monitor and respond to comments.

✅Analyze the performance of both organic and sponsored posts.

✅Effortlessly generate and share detailed custom reports.

✅Optimize your LinkedIn ads with a few simple clicks.

✅Manage your LinkedIn company page with all your other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and Pinterest.

2.LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Sales Navigator serves as LinkedIn’s native tool for connecting with individuals who have accounts on the platform.

Best LinkedIn Marketing tools . LinkedIn Sales navigator tool

As LinkedIn’s primary product for sales teams, Sales Navigator empowers representatives, managers, and operations leaders to improve their approaches and strategies. It uses LinkedIn’s vast data, insights, and relationship-building tools.

Functioning as a comprehensive sales platform, Sales Navigator facilitates virtual selling by helping sales professionals build and foster relationships with their buyers on a large scale.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a central component for modern B2B sales teams, seamlessly integrating with other sales technologies like Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems to provide a foundation of reliable, real-time data.

At its core, Sales Navigator helps sales professionals effectively perform three crucial functions within their field:

  1. Target: Identify and gather information about individuals and companies that align with your product or service.
  2. Understand: Monitor key developments at targeted accounts, such as changes in decision-makers or signals of buying intent, to seize opportunities as they emerge.
  3. Engage: Connect and chat with prospects within an environment ready for business dealings, using LinkedIn’s messaging and content-sharing capabilities.

In an era where prioritizing the buyer’s needs is vital and virtual interactions have become the norm, Sales Navigator provides salespeople with insight, delivers distinctive value, and cultivates relationships that drive customer acquisition.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator has three pricing plans:

✅Core plan for €59.50/month with outreach basics and 50 InMails.

✅Advanced plan for €125.99/month with team management and real-time alerts.

✅Advanced Plus plan for CRM integration and a custom price.

3. Dux-Soup

Best LinkedIn Marketing tools . Dux- Soup LinkedIn automation tool

Dux-Soup is a LinkedIn automation tool that helps streamline your sales pipeline with minimal human involvement and optimize your LinkedIn marketing strategy.

This tool’s strength lies in its capacity to establish personalized automation workflows that can locate, connect with, endorse, and communicate with leads on LinkedIn. In a specific scenario, you can upgrade your feedback gathering process by automating it, freeing up your marketing team from this time-consuming task.

Key features include:

✅Auto-visiting, connection requests, and endorsements to encourage positive relationships with leads before starting direct contact.

✅Scheduling functionality to ensure your automation runs at specific times.

✅API integration, allowing you to connect your existing systems with Dux-Soup.

To use the product, you need to sign up for one of its three plans:

  1. The Free plan allows the automation of personal profiles and company page visits.
  2. Pro Dux, providing automated interactions with profiles for $14.99/month.
  3. Turbo Dux, offering comprehensive campaigns for $55.00/month.


LinkedHelper is an automation tool designed to streamline various outreach activities on LinkedIn.

Best LinkedIn Marketing tools . LinkedHelper

It features a built-in scraping tool that allows you to discover and export data points about the contacts you are interested in. That becomes especially useful when collecting feedback data, as you may need additional information about the person providing the feedback.

In addition to this, LinkedHelper offers several features, including:

✅Personalized messages to make a positive first impression on your leads.

✅Bulk messaging to efficiently communicate with a large number of contacts.

✅User-friendly interface, allowing beginners to start scheduling with a minimal learning curve.

If you choose to explore this product, here are your pricing options:

  • The Standard plan, priced at $15/month, offers automation with limited scraping.
  • The Pro plan, available at $45/month, provides advanced scraping capabilities and bulk engagements.


SocialBu is a social media management tool that helps to automate your social media posts across various platforms, including LinkedIn.

Best LinkedIn Marketing tools . Socialbu

A primary use case for this tool is enabling Social Media Marketing (SMM) experts to create posts in one central location and automatically share them across all social media platforms. 

SocialBu’s capabilities expand beyond this, making it valuable for creating and promoting social proof content.

For example, if you’re a life coach helping people plan their futures, you can schedule posts asking for success stories and feedback from your followers. It results in a constant flow of social proof content that you can show on your website.

In addition to post automation, SocialBu offers features for social proof campaigns:

✅AI post generator that provides creative content for campaigns with a single click.

✅Social calendar to assist in planning social media activities.

✅Analytics for tracking the performance of your posts.

Now, let’s discuss the pricing options for this tool:

✅The Standard plan is $15.8/ month and capable of handling 12 accounts.

✅The Super plan is costs $49.2/month and accommodates 30 accounts.

✅The Supreme plan supports 150 accounts and is available for $165.8/month.


SocialPilot is an all-in-one Social Media Management (SMM) tool that helps to manage, track, and analyze your social media campaigns.

Best LinkedIn Marketing tools . SocialPilot

As a LinkedIn marketing tool, SocialPilot covers all LinkedIn marketing needs, ranging from bulk scheduling posts, collaborating with your social media team, and finding engaging content.

What sets SocialPilot apart from other LinkedIn tools is its provision of LinkedIn analytics, easily convertible into a PDF report for sharing with clients and colleagues. The analytics feature offers audience insights, highlights top-performing content, finds influencers, suggests the best time to post, and much more.

In addition to LinkedIn, it facilitates engagement across various social media platforms, including TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Google My Business and Instagram.

The main features of SocialPilot include:

✅Creating customized posts for different social media platforms.

✅Analyze and document social media performance with analytics.

✅Organize and visualize social content through a social media calendar.

✅Schedule the first comment to LinkedIn posts to improve reach and engagement.

✅Upload and post documents in a carousel format supporting multiple file types.

✅Uploading up to 500 posts in one go with bulk scheduling.

✅Create and schedule visually attractive posts.

✅Manage multiple client accounts effortlessly.

✅Use the power of the social inbox to access all page conversations in one place.

✅Set approval workflows in team collaborations for seamless work.

✅Create attractive designs with Canva integration in SocialPilot.


Taplio is a LinkedIn marketing tool that can assist you in scheduling posts and finding creative ideas with the help of AI.

Best LinkedIn Marketing tools . Taplio

With Taplio, you can plan your content calendar, craft engaging posts, and reach your desired audience at optimal times. The tool uses artificial intelligence to generate post ideas, headlines, and hashtags tailored to your niche and objectives.

Key Features:

✅Schedule LinkedIn Posts: Plan and schedule your LinkedIn posts for optimal timing.

✅Scrape Viral Posts: Identify the most popular posts in your niche to gain inspiration.

✅AI Recommendations: Utilize artificial intelligence for post ideas, headlines, and hashtags based on your niche and goals.

✅Interact with Prospects: Easily engage with the posts of your potential audience by sending messages and emails to those who like or comment.

✅Performance Analysis: Track the performance of your LinkedIn posts and obtain insights to improve your marketing strategy.


Taplio offers a 7-day free trial and three pricing plans:

$39/month: Includes inspiration, post-scheduling, and analytics.

$52/month: Adds AI features, Relationship Builder, and Team Features.

$149/month: Includes Lead Database and higher usage limits.


Are you looking for a budget-friendly way to boost your LinkedIn marketing strategy? Look no further – meet Kleo, your go-to tool for inspiration and post-scheduling, and the best part? It’s free!

Key Features:

Dive into popular posts and draw inspiration from your favorite creators to fuel your content strategy.

Plan your LinkedIn posts effortlessly and ensure your content is delivered at the perfect times.

Enjoy seamless integration with the LinkedIn browser for a hassle-free experience.

Why Kleo?

🚀 Zero Cost: Kleo offers you the chance to elevate your LinkedIn game without spending a dime. Perfect for those just starting or working with a tight budget.

🚀 Valuable Insights: Leverage the tool’s features to gain insights and kickstart your LinkedIn marketing journey.

Purpose of LinkedIn marketing tools?

LinkedIn marketing tools help businesses, professionals, and marketers do better on LinkedIn. 

Here’s what these tools do:

✅Optimize your LinkedIn profiles: The tools suggest improvements and help improve your LinkedIn profiles by giving ideas and pointing out keywords to get noticed.

✅Posting and Automation: These tools help with LinkedIn marketing automation. They help users plan and automate when to share content. This way, they can keep a regular and timely presence on LinkedIn without doing everything manually.

✅Finding the Right Audience: LinkedIn marketing tools have features to figure out and connect with specific groups of people, industries, or job types. It helps make sure that the content reaches the right people.

✅Checking and Reporting: Best LinkedIn marketing tools presented in this blog give information about how well your company is doing on LinkedIn.

They show data on how many people are interested, who these people are, and other numbers. This information helps in planning LinkedIn marketing strategies for better results. 

✅Getting New Leads/Lead Generation: LinkedIn tools help to find and connect with possible new customers or clients on LinkedIn. 

✅Identifying influencers: Best LinkedIn marketing tools help to find and connect with people in certain industries. It can lead to working together and getting messages to more people.

✅Handling Ad campaigns: For businesses doing ads on LinkedIn, these tools make it easier to create, watch, and create ads for good results.

✅Audience and competitor research:

The best LinkedIn marketing tools are essential to improve your content marketing strategy, highlighting detailed research on your audience and competitors.

On LinkedIn, the algorithm prevents content from going viral. That is because LinkedIn hopes to connect users with professional advice and expertise related to their interests.

However, the key is that LinkedIn treasures meaningful comments from relevant individuals more than likes, shares, or brief comments.

Conducting audience and competitor research is the most effective way to understand what your target audience is interested in and to discover what works well for others in your field.

✅Connecting and Building Relationships: LinkedIn marketing tools help make and keep professional relationships. They can help send connection requests, write personal messages, and get people talking on LinkedIn.

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Hi, we are an Australian digital agency doing groundbreaking work to help a business like yours reach its full potential.  My only question is will you qualify for our services?

    Do you want more traffic?

    Hi, we are an Australian digital agency doing groundbreaking work to help a business like yours reach its full potential.  My only question is will you qualify for our services?