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We are DigiFix, a Digital Marketing Agency based in Melbourne with a team of highly experienced and enthusiastic Customer Engagement Specialists.

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We are a predominantly a Digital Marketing Agency and a customer engagement specialist based in Melbourne. Also, we support functions spanning from Website creation, Search engine Optimisation (SEO), Google Ads Management, Social Media Management and IT infrastructure management. Our main focus is to generate leads for our customers at a sustainable price point.

Likewise, we are also specialise in Customer engagement and retention based on statistical analysis. Our creative team not only experienced in building beautiful but also, well functional and well-optimised websites that are trendy. In the same way, we leverage the latest technologies to track and to optimise user behaviour. Our SEM team is well-equipped to analyse and improve any website to its true potential giving you a healthy return on your investment.

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About Values

Digifix core value are actively represented in our team members and our practices.


We are loyal to all our business clients and undoubtedly we will honor your marketing goals while treating you with the utmost respect. We have a deep and genuine commitment to build good relation with our clients.


Creative in digital marketing that can make you stands out from the crowd! We elevate your strategies  to build business compare to traditional old marketing.


Our entire methodology is focused around performance. We also strive to deliver the best results beyond your expectations. To showcase the power that marketing has on the company’s success.

Hard Work

We’re the underdog. We work harder than our competition to build brands with a good reputation. Therefore, we love what it does and also enjoy all aspects of it.


We are 100% transparent internally as well as externally. we also have found that our clients are satisfied with it. We do not hide anything. It clearly says that there is no secret in our services.

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