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This blog article explains how to create a YouTube channel with 7 simple steps. 

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. It is a great platform for video marketing and reaching a wide audience.

YouTube is one of the most popular websites on the internet, with over 1 billion users every month. It has become an essential part of social media marketing, as it provides a way to reach customers without having to pay for advertising.

The power of YouTube lies in its ability to offer video content that is tailored to specific niches and audiences. This allows marketers and entrepreneurs to connect with their target audience more effectively than any other form of marketing.

It’s clear that YouTube is an excellent marketing tool for businesses, but it can be difficult to know where to start. There are so many different ways to use YouTube for marketing and you’ll need to consider which method will work best for your business.

First of all, let’s see how to make a YouTube channel with a few simple steps.

You can create a YouTube channel directly by using your Google Account. Click this link to create a Google Account. Then fill in the required details like your first name, last name, email address & a password. 

how to create a YouTube channel

If you already have a Google Account, you can go to YouTube & create a channel directly.  This easy initial step gets you started in the right direction. 

Create A Channel directly through YouTube:

First, go to YouTube & Click Create Channel button on the top right corner of the screen.

Then a page like below will appear.

how to create a YouTube channel

Next, you will need to decide on a username and channel name. 

You should also add your contact information like address and phone number so that viewers can contact you directly if they want to share something personal with you or ask for advice on how to start their own YouTube channel.

You need an active email address connected directly to your YouTube account in order to establish an account. You must first decide if this is a personal or a business YouTube account. 

The kind of email account you use will depend on your response and that is about it.

Choose a name for your YOUTUBE channel

When you create your Youtube channel you need to choose the best name for it and it should be something that is catchy, memorable and easy to spell. The name should also represent what you are about.

A good example of a YouTube channel name is “Sketch Empire.” This YouTube channel has a catchy and memorable name that represents what the channel is about – sketch comedy.

Setup Your YouTube Channel For Maximum Success

In order to make a good customise channel, you need to have an 

  • A profile picture,
  • Eye-catching and informative video thumbnail, 
  • An attractive channel Icon/logo, and a catchy title and description for your video. 
  • You also need to create a clear description of the video content and 
  • Include keywords that will help people find your videos more easily.

If you need help with keywords checkout : 6 Best Keyword Research Tools You Must Know

And if you do not know what keywords are make sure you go through this first: What are keywords & how to use keywords: A-Z guide.

  • Do live streams to connect more with your audience. This gives a personal touch and helps your customers to know you better.

Optimise your YT videos for maximum success

The key to successful YouTube marketing is to know how to optimise your videos for maximum success. 

Here are some tips that can help you get started: 

  • Optimise your video title, description, tags and metadata so that they are relevant to your audience and easy to find on YouTube.
  • Use captions or subtitles in English if you are uploading an English-language video.
  • Upload a compelling thumbnail image.
  • Create a custom YouTube channel with your branding and logo.
  • Keep your videos short and to the point.
  • Use actionable language and be specific about what you’re going to do in the video.
  • Add a call to action (i.e. share, subscribe, etc.) at the end of your video
  • Give your video a compelling, relevant and actionable call to action
  • Use YouTube analytics to know what worked and what didn’t work in terms of views, likes, shares and more.
  • Sign up for a YouTube partner program so that you can get paid advertising revenue when someone clicks on one of your ads.
  • Add context links in the description or comments if they are relevant to the video. 

If you want to maximise your success with YouTube marketing , use the above tips as a guide . Keep in mind that the more quality content you create and share, the more likely your channel will be noticed by YouTube.

What are the Best Cameras for Creating Videos?

A camera is an important tool for any video maker. With the rise of the internet and social media, more and more people are starting to make videos. To be successful in this competitive market, it is important to have a good camera that can capture high-quality video.

There are many factors to take into account when choosing a camera for video recording. In this article, we will discuss some of the most important considerations when looking for a camera for video recording so you can find the best one for your needs.

Since I am not a technical person, I won’t intentionally steer you in the wrong direction, but I did find an article that can help you far more than I can, so I’ve included a link for you to check out.

Check out- Best YouTube camera 2022: the top choices for your new channel

What are the Best Editing Programs For Creating Videos?

The best video editing software is determined by the type of editing you need to do. If you are looking for a free video editor, then I recommend using iMovie. If you want something more advanced and professional, then I recommend Final Cut Pro X or Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

The software you choose to edit your videos will depend on what you need it for and what your budget is. 

There are many other options available, and here are some of the best video editors available today: AvidemuxAvidemux is a powerful video editing software with all the features you could want.

It’s easy to use, and works on Windows and Mac. With Avidemux, you can resize videos up to 5 times their size without quality loss or distortion. Dissolve one clip with another clip seamlessly or create custom effects such as slow-mo for professional results.


This article is a summary of how to start a YouTube Channel. It includes starting points, the tools you will need, and the best practices to follow.

Well, to summarise I would say it is possible to start your own channel with little more than a phone, laptop or computer and internet connection. The key is to be consistent with your uploads and posts regularly. Also, do not forget to 

  • Add tags- Make your to add trending hashtags in your video to gain more reach. It is important to use hashtags effectively. 
  • Add a title,
  • Add keywords,
  • Make sure your video is optimised for mobile viewing,
  • Add links in the description box for people who want more information about what they just watched or who want to buy something from your online store in case you have one.

If you need more help with SEO, social media marketing or with your youtube channel you can always consult DIGIFIX. We are here to help and provide the best customer service and best possible solutions available to grow your business.

We hope that this guide has been helpful for you and will help you start your own channel!

See you and have a successful YOUTUBE channel!

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Hi, we are an Australian digital agency doing groundbreaking work to help a business like yours reach its full potential.  My only question is will you qualify for our services?

    Do you want more traffic?

    Hi, we are an Australian digital agency doing groundbreaking work to help a business like yours reach its full potential.  My only question is will you qualify for our services?