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Gift’d Shop client had a business idea to sell cakes and flowers and our challenge was to convert this business idea into an actual business.
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How we transformed a beautiful business idea to a premium business platform?

Gift’d Shop client had a business idea to sell cakes and flowers and our challenge was to convert this business idea into an actual business. 

After having multiple discussions with the client and understanding exactly what they want and what their capabilities are, our team came up with a proposal which highlighted the below points after conducting a thorough market and competitor analysis;

  • The website should contain a shopping cart and the required transaction tools
  • There should be an order management system linked to the website that has the capability to indicate and manage all the orders, shipping dates, delivery dates, times, and all the other required data
  • The layout and the theme of the website should give out light and airy feel
  • Customers should be able to easily navigate through the website and select the required products without having to spend a lot of effort and time

When developing the website, our main objective was to make the customer journey smooth and easy as much as possible. Multiple filtering options were added to the website such as the gift category, price level and delivery dates. The colour theme and the fonts were selected after navigating through different palettes to give a light and airy look. The Gift’d Shop logo was also created by our team to match its personality and the business idea.

 A shopping cart was built into the website with all the required transaction tools including Apple Pay and Android Pay. A complete order management system was linked to the website with the capability to maintain and handle all the orders in order to ensure a smooth flow of operations.

Once the website development was complete, we conducted a set of training sessions to the client in order to ensure that the client knows everything from handing products, area codes, promotional codes, coupons and all the other techniques that are needed to generate sales through the website.

The website was built with future expansion capabilities since the client has the vision to expand the business to cater to much more market segments.

Within the first week after the website launch, we were able to exceed the set targets and there have been zero errors and conflicts in terms of order deliveries.



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