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TikTok is becoming the fastest-growing social media platform in Digital marketing. The younger generation (Gen Z) is getting obsessed with TikTok recently. This video-based social media platform is getting popular day by day, persuading the popular brands to get into the platform to promote their products. This blog article will offer you a guide for TikTok marketing.


 I’m sure that as a business, you’re familiar with all of the social media platforms that your target audience uses. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, to name a few. You’ve probably heard about TikTok as well. However, you may believe that TikTok is not important for your business or that TikTok is only for youngsters.

If you thought so and ignored TikTok, let me tell you, “You are making a huge mistake!”

Yes, you can no longer ignore TikTok. Most likely, your competitors are using TikTok and interacting with your TG. Your TG is already using the platform, and you should too!

Don’t be overwhelmed because this blog article will provide you with proper TikTok marketing guidance!

2. What is TikTok?

The source of TikTok was Musical.ly, a platform to create & share short lip-sync videos & Douyin, the Chinese version of TikTok.It produces user-generated content.

Tiktok creators create videos and followers do video sharing. Not inside TikTok flat form, but also most of the users share videos on social network sites. Ans it uses as feed ads too. 

Bytedance company is the owner of Douyin app & they acquired Musical.ly in 2017 for $800 million. Then Bytedance retained the brand “Douyin” in China & relaunched the Musical.ly brand as TikTok for the rest of the world. The Musical/ly app got developed with many features as now it is known worldwide as TikTok. 

TikTok marketing campaign is very popular among brands, creators & influencers for social media marketing & influencer marketing. TikTok videos can be from 15 seconds to sixty seconds.

If you record outside the TikTok app, you can upload longer videos. Apart from that, there is a live-streaming feature & many filters you can use for your video. 

The specialty of TikTok is it gives every video an equal chance to go viral by using a special discovery algorithm. The creators may not be popular but they can go viral with their video. 

If a brand is targeting a younger audience, TikTok is the ideal platform to reach them. 62% of the TikTok users are between the ages of 10- 29.

Facts about TikTok

3.What is TikTok Marketing?

TikTok marketing is using TikTok to promote a brand, product, or service. This can be done in three ways such as Influencer marketing, creating your profile & share content, or TikTok advertising. TikTok marketing helps to build communities & increase brand awareness. Using TikTok for your business is a great way to survive in the competition today. 

There are three types of TikTok Marketing.

TikTok Influencer marketing is getting more popular day by day. There are many influencers who make a huge impact on the success of businesses around the world. When selecting an Influencer, you can select influencers who are getting popular in your niche. 

Creating your own TikTok is another way you can utilize TikTok marketing for your business. This way you have the most freedom. You can start by creating a TikTok business account for your brand & then create your own content. You can show everything about your products or services. 

TikTok advertising is the final way you can do TikTok marketing. As in Facebook & Instagram, TikTok also has ads based on a bidding model. According to figures published by Bytedance, TikTok ad reach increased by 60 million users & worldwide ad reach was roughly 885 million by the start of 2022.

4.How to create a TikTok Business Account?

You can use a TikTok business account to learn about the latest trends on TikTok. A TikTok business account offers a music library for business creators with more than 500,000 songs & performance+audience data. 

Creating a TikTok business account is easy. You can simply use the following steps.

  • Download the TikTok app by using the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. 
  • Then register for a TikTok account.
  • Go to “Profile” & click the three lines icon on the top right corner.
  • Then select “Setting & Privacy.”
  • Click “Manage Account.”
  • Click “Switch to Business Account.”
  • Choose a category that describes your account such as pets or electronics. 
  • Finally, complete your profile.

5.TikTok Marketing Tips:

Following are some TikTok marketing tips (best practices) for you to keep in mind. 

1.Be Simple.

I think this rule is valid for every social media platform. But especially in TikTok, you have to keep it simple. Your TikTok videos should be short & sweet. You have to keep the balance.

If the videos are too short, your audience will feel unsatisfied. If the videos are too long, your audience will lose interest. Remember that now social media users have a lower attention span. 

Videos that are more than 30 seconds show a thin white bar at the bottom of the video & it shows how much the viewer has to watch. This is a trick to keep the viewer. If the viewer doesn’t know how much is left to watch, there is a high possibility he will skip the video. But the white bar will keep the viewer with the video.

2.Engage with the Trends.

TikTok’s Algorithm gives priority to the videos based on their popularity & number of views. So you have to use trending hashtags & trending music to create relevant content for your audience. Always keep up with the new trends on TikTok. 

There are many trends on TikTok regularly. Before creating a video for your brand, observe the TikTok trends & hashtag challenges going on recently. Many TikTok users watch videos that relate to trends going on. If you also participate in these trends, it will boost your follower base. 

If you see videos with the same song or sound, it can be a popular trend. Think creatively & plan to make a video for that sound that will be relevant to your brand. If you are not ready to create a video at the moment, you can save that sound to your favourite sounds. 

In TikTok, there are Clusters. A Cluster is a group of people that share a similar interest in videos. They may watch similar videos, save similar sounds, interact similarly, or have done similar videos.

The TikTok algorithm puts similar videos on that cluster for your page. When you hope to promote your product/service, you can identify these clusters & act accordingly. 

TikTok Trends

3.Post Regularly.

You have to stick to a posting schedule to get amazing results. At least post once a day. You can use analytics to observe which time your audience is active.

These analytics are not the same for everyone. Depending on the location & people in your audience, their active time is different. 

If your followers are very active on certain days of the week, try to post more on those days. For example, if your audience is active on weekends, you can share more on weekends.

Since millions of videos are added to TikTok daily, you have to keep posting new & creative videos to get more viewership. Many famous brands that target a younger audience regularly create exciting content & interact with their customers. 

4.Authentic Content.

You should create authentic content if you need to stand out from others. People on TikTok do not like to see advertisements. They prefer to watch creative & entertaining videos. So you have to make creative videos that provide your product information indirectly. 

If you can spend some time on TikTok, you get to watch videos that will inspire you & boost your creativity. With inspiration, you can create videos on your own. Copying other creators’ videos will not be appreciated. Viewers will lose their trust in your brand. 

5.Collaborate with TikTok Influencers.

There are many social media influencers on social media platforms. The situation is the same on TikTok as well. TikTok made a platform for people to create engaging content & share it with others. Due to this reason, there are many popular content creators on TikTok with a huge follower base. 

Actors, actresses, musicians, photographers, models, chefs, & many other people with many skills became popular tiktokers & they have influenced millions of followers. As a brand, you can always get the maximum benefit if you use TikTok Influencers. So in your next marketing campaign, try to collaborate with TikTok Influencers. 

6.Reply to the comments under your videos.

Like every social media platform, TikTok also supports user engagement. You can reply to the comments on your videos. You can build conversations with customers. Your viewers will be encouraged if you put a reply to their comments.  

6.Benefits of using TikTok Marketing for your brand:

1.Every video has an opportunity to go viral.

On social media platforms like Facebook, the feed shows the content of people you already know. But on TikTok, you can see videos of creators you have never seen before. Any creator can go viral by reaching an audience beyond his follower base. TikTok’s algorithm works to offer every video a chance to go viral. 

Even small business owners have benefits if they use TikTok marketing. On other social media platforms, you have to gain a follower base to show your day-to-day content. But in TikTok, your creative videos will touch many hearts. Now, many small business owners also use TikTok due to the potential of going viral. 

2.Influencer marketing is a hot topic in this era. 

Brands use actors, actresses, sports stars, singers & other public figures as influencers to promote their products. 

If you use Facebook & Instagram to promote your products through influencer marketing, it is difficult to identify who will be the ideal influencers for your product or service.

You can just pick an influencer. You have to think about whether that influencer is suitable for your TG. In TikTok, you can easily select influencers matched to your brand.

According to the content created by that creator, a specific niche is around that creator. So if that niche is suitable for your brand, you can use that creator as an influencer.  

3.Integration with Instagram.

TikTok has features to link with Instagram. If you already have a presence on Instagram, it will be a great opportunity if you integrate your IG profile into your TikTok profile. 

There is an Instagram icon on your TikTok profile & when people click it they will land on your Instagram account. Business owners can get maximum benefits from this. There is an automatic sharing option that you can use to share your TikTok videos on Instagram stories or Instagram feeds. 

You can make creative videos about your products & services that grab attention & then the viewer will visit your Instagram profile to check your products. 


As you can understand now, TikTok marketing is not a difficult thing. If you identify your Target audience & come up with a great TikTok marketing strategy, you are ready to promote your products on TikTok. 

As I mentioned before, TikTok is the fastest-growing social media platform. If you are a brand, you have to have a presence on TikTok.

Especially if you target a younger audience, Don’t waste time & have a presence on TikTok. Because your TG is already there. It is a great place to reach potential customers, boost engagement, and build communities. 

TikTok marketing is a new concept. So you can have many questions about how to apply it to your business. Don’t worry at all. Our team at DigiFix is more than happy to help you craft a great TikTok marketing strategy. Visit our website DigiFix to contact us. 

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Hi, we are an Australian digital agency doing groundbreaking work to help a business like yours reach its full potential.  My only question is will you qualify for our services?

    Do you want more traffic?

    Hi, we are an Australian digital agency doing groundbreaking work to help a business like yours reach its full potential.  My only question is will you qualify for our services?