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In a Digital world like today, you can’t survive without utilizing Social Media Marketing for your brand. From teenagers to elder people, everyone has a presence on social media platforms & they are having conversations together. If you are not a part of those conversations, it is a huge mistake.

Leverage Social media marketing campaigns to face the massive competition in the market & reach your target audience. This blog post will provide you with an ultimate guide to social media marketing.


Do you want to grow your business by 10 times using social media??

    Do you want to grow your business by 10 times using social media??

      1.Evolution of Communication

      Communication has been an essential part of human life since the beginning. When there was no such thing called technology, people used  communication methods such as cave painting, symbols & smoke signals. When humans have developed step by step, communication has also evolved.

      Humans who used to communicate with each other by cave paintings or smoke signals later started to send pigeon messages. When technology got developed a little bit, people used newspapers, television, radio & telephones for their communication purposes.

      Ancient communication methods Ultimate Guide to Social Media Marketing

      But now people don’t use the communication methods that ancient people have used.

      Television, radio, newspapers are also going away from peoples’ preferences. When Tim Berners Lee invented the World Wide Web, people got an opportunity to get closer than when they used traditional communication methods. With the development of the internet, Social media platforms got famous & social media is the method now people use to communicate with each other.

      2.What is Social Media?

      Social media is a computer-based technology that allows people to share ideas, thoughts & information via virtual networks & communities.

      The most popular social media platforms are Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and You Tube & Twitter. There are more than 4.5 billion social media users around the world. In social media, people have the facility to post user-generated content.

      Social media originated to offer a medium to interact with friends & family. But as it has become popular, businesses started to use social media to reach customers. You can connect with anyone on the Earth by using social media.

      Before stepping into Social Media Marketing, would you like to know about some famous social media platforms that will be useful for your company?

      SOCIAL MEDIA STATISTICS Ultimate Guide to Social Media Marketing

      Facebook is one of the most famous social media platforms in the current world. Mark Zuckerberg invented Facebook in 2004. Facebook is a social media platform that you can’t forget if you want to reach your customers.

      Facebook is best for increasing brand awareness & doing advertising. Even the small business owners use Facebook to reach their target audience. 

      Tiktok has gained more attention since 2020. When the corona pandemic made us stay at home, people became familiar with Tiktok.

      Many businesses use Tiktok to reach their customers. It is best to create short video content & persuade customers to create user-generated content.

      Younger generation these days are obsessed with TikTok trends. So if you would like to get engagement from your target audience, it is better to use this social media channel.

      Instagram launched 12 years ago & it has never lost its popularity up to now. Many brands use Instagram to reach their customers mainly by using visual content. Instagram has features to browse products, discover brands, and purchase products.

      YouTube is the second most visited website in the world. It is the best platform to build communities. It can be used to create long video content. Many brands use YouTube to promote their brands.

      3.Social Media Marketing (SMM)

      Social Media Marketing refers to using social media to connect with customers, build brand awareness & engage with customers.

      Social media marketing is all about meeting your target audience where they have a presence.

      As I mentioned before, people are not using traditional communication methods anymore. From kids to older people, almost everyone uses social media.

      And, especially, they are having conversations online. It is necessary to be a part of those conversations as a brand.

      Social media marketing is all about meeting your target audience and customers where they are and as they socially interact with each other and your brand.

      4.Key Pillars of Social Media Marketing

      There are five pillars of social media marketing: social strategy, planning & publishing, listening & engagement, analytics & reporting, & advertising. If you need to get the maximum outcome from social media, you should have these pillars.

      Social strategy

      There should be a proper strategy for your social media marketing campaign. In that strategy, you should determine your goals, channels you hope to use, & types of content you will share.

      Your social media marketing goals should align with your business’s goals. Some of the goals can be increasing brand awareness, driving website traffic, generating leads, & increasing profits.

      For example, if you are a start-up company that produces shoes for young people, your social media marketing goal could be to increase brand awareness & drive website traffic.

      Next, you have to select the social media platforms you hope to use. There are many social media platforms out there.

      But you can’t use all of them. Even if you can, if you don’t get any results from a particular social media channel, it will be a waste of time to use it.

      When selecting social media channels, you should understand your target audience. Where does your target audience mostly have a presence? Which social media channels do they prefer? Find answers to these questions. Then you can select the most effective social media channel.

      For example, let’s take the previous example. It is a newly started company that sells shoes for young people. So they can select FB, Instagram & Tiktok as the social media channels. The reason is that younger people have a presence on those platforms. Social media channels like LinkedIn, Twitter will not be the ideal option for this company.

      So make sure to select the most effective social media channel.

      Next, you should plan your content. What kind of content matched your brand? What kind of tone should you use? What medium will be most effective? What type of content does your TG prefer? If you find answers to these questions, you can easily plan your content.

      For example, in the previous example, you selected Fb, Instagram & Tiktok as social media platforms. Now you need to plan what you hope to share. As the TG is younger people they prefer video contents that are attractive & eye-catching. You can use a friendly & fun tone for your content.

      Planning & Publishing

      The next step is planning & publishing. After you have planned your social media strategy, you can start publishing. Share blog posts, information, upcoming events, videos included in this step.

      When publishing content, keep in mind that you have to keep consistency in every social media content to make an effective social media marketing campaign. If your social media profiles have relevant, consistent, accurate content, your audience will engage with your brand more.

      Listening & Engagement

      With time when your follower base grows, they will try to communicate with you. They communicate via comments by sending direct messages or tagging your profile in their posts. If they face some issues then try to solve them & if they give some positive feedback and compliment about your brand and product appreciate them.

      Analytics & Reporting

      You should always analyze the performance of your page. Whether your posts have reached more people, the number of mentions, using the company name as a hashtag, the number of new followers & number of likes, comments, shares, these are the things you should analyze.


      Some social media marketing features are free. You can use paid marketing features as well. You can create a social media account, publish content & build an audience for your brand. If you use paid marketing features, you can get many benefits. You can reach more audiences with paid features.

      5.Basic Rules for posting on Social media

      Your ultimate goal in social media marketing is to keep your audience engaged. Then it is important to know when you need to post, how often you need to share & what type of content you need to post. Here are some basic rules for posting on social media.


      Post at least twice a day.

      This rule can change according to your social media platform. But try to post at least twice a day. 

       Morning, afternoon & evening. 

      Generally, social media users are active on social media, in the morning, afternoon & evening. So it is better to post your content on this schedule.

       Keep your content simple.

      Always try to keep your content simple. Too many colors, texts, and disturbing images will not please users’ eyes.  

      6.Benefits of Social Media Marketing

      1. Increase Brand Awareness.

      There is a massive amount of audience on social media. If you are not using social media for your business, you miss many opportunities.

      Social media can increase awareness by driving up engagement. It also can increase awareness by directing people to your site.

      1. Generate Leads.

      You can promote your products or services on social media platforms. It is a way to generate leads & boost conversions. Unlike in traditional marketing, if you use social media, you are directly targeting people who need your product or service.

      1. Get information about your competitors.

      Almost all of your competitors may be using social media. You can see what strategies they use, how they promote their products, their campaigns, interaction with customers.

      It is better to learn from your competitors. Plus, if your competitors do something wrong, you can take a lesson & do it better.

      1. Cost-effective.

      Traditional marketing tactics require many costs. But using social media marketing is very cost-effective. Even a small business with a low budget can use social media to reach its target audience.

      And the investment you put on social media is more worthy because you spent it only for your TG.

      5. Promote products & services.

      Promotion of products and services on social media platforms such as Facebook is very easy in the digital world, where you can post visual content of your product and its details and allow the audience to interact with them.

      For example, Facebook gives you a variety of options for promoting your products through various advertisements, such as the carousel, where you can showcase a handful of images of your products and run an ad on it.
      This allows your target audience to see the wide range you can provide in a single advertisement.



      As a company that operates in a digital world like today, you can’t ignore social media marketing. If you use social media marketing, you will get many benefits. Your target audience has a presence on social media already. So if you are not there, you are missing so many opportunities. This blog gave you the basic knowledge of social media marketing. 

      Social media is a powerful tool. And being a business in this digital era can be very beneficial if entrepreneurs, marketers, or even bloggers take advantage of this opportunity to the fullest.

      Establishing  extremely influential social media channels is the best way to create persuasive and appealing content that will instantly connect your target audience.

      If you need any service related to Social Media Marketing, our team at DigiFix is more than happy to help you. 

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      Hi, we are an Australian digital agency doing groundbreaking work to help a business like yours reach its full potential.  My only question is will you qualify for our services?

        Do you want more traffic?

        Hi, we are an Australian digital agency doing groundbreaking work to help a business like yours reach its full potential.  My only question is will you qualify for our services?