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If you do something without a proper plan, it will not give the maximum outcomes. It is the same for your business’s social media. That is why you need social media planning tools & templates to save you. This blog post provides a list of social media calendars & tools for your business.

Social Media Calendars & Tools: Definition 

A social media calendar is a tool for storing and scheduling postings on social media.

Users can create and plan social media updates using social media calendars. They have a sharing option to update on a specific date, time, and channel.

Social media managers can use their calendars to obtain a structured summary of social content from prior and upcoming publishing periods.

They’re also crucial in social media procedures, particularly when many people need to evaluate and approve updates.

Following are a list of social media calendars & tools for your business.

List of social media calendars & tools 

In the following list you can see free & paid versions of social media calendars & tools you can use for your business. 


Social media calendars & tools Buffer

Buffer introduced a social media calendar back in 2015 for the first time. Then in 2021, they redesigned the calendar & added new features as well. 

The new calendar is accessible from the menu on the left-hand side of your publishing dashboard. You have the option of seeing the data weekly or monthly.

The weekly view displays the most important information about each post you’ve planned for the week.  For example, the social media platform to which it’s posted, a preview of the text, and a thumbnail of your image.

The monthly view provides a high-level overview of the month, complete with timestamps for all planned posts. It’s a terrific technique to identify and fill strategy gaps.

If you want to remove specific social media accounts, use the “Channels” dropdown to select which channels are showcased.

To add a new post to your calendar, click the Create Post button. This will open the composer, where you can select the scheduled time.

The new calendar is now available in their iOS and Android apps. It’s the quickest way to stay on top of everything you’ve planned and add content on the go.

If you manage multiple social media accounts, you can set up a different publishing schedule for each one. Buffer is, therefore, an excellent social media tool for marketers or agencies with multiple client accounts.


Social media calendars & tools Brandwatch

Brandwatch is a platform for social media listening, publishing, advertising, measuring, and managing customer data. Its goal is to give brands a competitive advantage by providing the most up-to-date and accurate data for making informed judgments. 

It’s clear to understand how important these features are. They provide the kind of information that brands require to be successful. 

As social media evolves, having access to data and analyzing what your market is doing is critical.

Brandwatch is well-known throughout the world. They’ve shown that simple ideas can lead to growth. They have offices in New York, Berlin, Budapest, Sofia, Melbourne, and Chennai, & workers and clients around the world. 

Brandwatch’s social media marketing platform makes social media easy to understand and manage. 

Following are some features you can get with Brandwatch. 

The platform is designed to provide social media professionals with an organized collection of tools.  Those tools are for listening, engaging, measuring, and publishing content that matters.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, and YouTube are just a few of the platforms that are supported.

For your business, Brandwatch provides a unified calendar. It displays all scheduled content. You’ll discover posts organized by date and properly labeled by social media networks. You can do content planning, posting schedule, edit, and post to numerous social media platforms.

It also includes Campaign Planner, a tool for creating social campaigns with the help of team members. For all social networks, you can map, prepare a brief, test and team collaboration on campaigns.

It allows you to connect with agencies to make your collaboration processes go more smoothly. You can also set permissions and control all access.

It tracks trending topics and hashtags and creates campaigns and content to increase reach and interaction.

3.Hubspot Content Calendar. 

Social media calendars & tools HubSpot

HubSpot has created a downloadable social media content calendar template.

You can use this template for planning social media posts monthly or annually. This template shows events, holidays, publications & partnerships as well. 

When you open the social media content schedule template in Excel, you’ll find various tabs at the bottom.

The Monthly Planning Calendar tab displays an overview of your monthly social media efforts.

It will assist you in coordinating with other stakeholders and keeping track of all the moving parts.

If you want more information about this tool, read this blog on “The social media content calendar template every marketer needs.”

This blog post has everything about the HubSpot content calendar from A-Z. 

HubSpot is a great free social media management tool for your business. This user-friendly design is ideal for marketers with small teams and heavy workloads.

It serves as a social media content planner, tracking tool, and archive. It makes it ideal for sharing your social media plans with stakeholders. 


Social media calendars & tools Loomly

Loomly provides more than just content scheduling and management. This tool will provide you with ideas and point you on the right path when it comes to content creation. 

Loomly offers you a 15-day free trial. Their base plan is $26 a month for two users & 10 social media accounts. 

You can also use it to manage your content assets, schedule posts, see them as a list or a calendar, and analyze.  

Teams can submit mockups, make comments, view version logs, and flag for approval in Loomly’s most complete feature set.

This solution can handle both organic and paid social if your team is in charge of both. And, if your staff don’t like to use their personal account for social media tasks, they can respond to comments directly in Loomly.


Social media calendars & tools

Are you looking for a team collaboration tool that is easy to use? Trello is a good option for that. This platform provides a complete calendar view, making it simple to see what content you have posted. 

Trello has flexible cards, customizable boards & lists you can use to map the to-do lists, manage calendars, plan a campaign & save brainstorming ideas. 

Trello cards can be allocated to various team members, given due dates, and have comments added to them.

Users can create labels with different publishing stages.  Then everyone on the team can see how their social media posts are progressing and time to post on the calendar.

The labels could also point to other social media platforms where content is shared.


Hootsuite includes a Planner tool to assist you in creating campaigns, identifying publishing gaps, and collaborating with your content-creating team. 

Its main strengths are in social publishing, which allows you to distribute information to your networks ahead of time. It also includes a lot of teamwork and post-approval capabilities.

Without signing into your account, you can even create content from other sources.

After you’ve finished creating your content, you may preview it using the Composer tool.  It shows it in the format that each social network requires.

Produce high-quality content that satisfies your audience and expands your follower base.  You can access your picture assets directly from the Hootsuite dashboard.

The social publishing platform has an integrated content library that acts as a single source of truth for the entire company. The Hootsuite plan is $49 per month & it gives a 30-day free trial. 


StoryChief editorial calendar is the best option for you if you need more than just a content calendar. With StoryChief, you can plan & organize content across many channels. 

It introduces itself as a content distribution platform. StoryChief combines analytics & publishing across different platforms. 

There are a lot of similarities between social media marketing and SEO marketing. StoryChief  SEO Copywriting tool helps to bridge that gap. You can write clear & interesting content for social media and your website. 


  • Create content campaigns that are specific to each social media platform. 
  • Publish articles and social media posts on autopilot.
  • Bring your company’s team together when organizing, planning & creating content. 
  • Get practical insights into your content and create more of it that your audience enjoys.
  • All of the material you create through your digital marketing platforms will be organized and planned in one calendar. There will be fewer issues and more innovation as a result.
  • Manage a productive content team to free up time to concentrate on the big picture and develop new strategies:
  • Social network integrations, CMS integrations, and integrations with thousands of other tools are all available.
  • Aggregated, cross-channel analytics are used to measure and assess the performance of your content.
  • Check to see if you’re reaching the proper audience.
  • StoryChief integrates with Apple Calendar, Google Calendar, and Microsoft Outlook.
  • All of your images and videos will be saved in one location. Search and save media files from Google Drive and Dropbox. 

8.Agora pulse

Agora pulse provides social publishing features and a content calendar to help you manage your social media accounts.

This includes scheduling and bulk uploading content, all of which are extremely beneficial to teams that employ monthly or quarterly content schedules.

Agora pulse individual plan is free & the pro plan starts at $79 per month. Over 3000 companies use this tool daily. 


  • Content for all of your social platforms should be planned, collaborated on, and scheduled.
  • Create visually attractive and actionable reports that show what’s working and what isn’t.
  • Let everyone from clients to team members know who’s who with designated responsibilities like admin, editor, moderator, and guest.
  • You can share notes, manage action items, and see who is communicating in real-time. 
  • Individual posts can be accepted, rejected, or given criticism by users of the shared calendar. You & your clients can see scheduled, published, to-approve, and rejected material. 
  • Using folders and labels, organize on-brand content. Create drafts for later use and give your team access.


I hope this blog post provided you with a good guide to social media calendars & tools. The list of social media calendars & tools mentioned in this article will benefit your company.

Before choosing a calendar or a tool, do your research well & decide which is good & suitable for you. Otherwise, it will be a waste of money. 

If you are looking to plan your social media strategy, our team at DigiFix is more than happy to help you. We are DigiFix, a Digital Marketing Agency based in Melbourne with a team of highly experienced and enthusiastic Customer Engagement Specialists.

Visit our DigiFix website to contact us. 

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Hi, we are an Australian digital agency doing groundbreaking work to help a business like yours reach its full potential.  My only question is will you qualify for our services?

    Do you want more traffic?

    Hi, we are an Australian digital agency doing groundbreaking work to help a business like yours reach its full potential.  My only question is will you qualify for our services?