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Be the best content writer with these effective content writing tools!

Utilizing effective & successful content writing tools will quickly improve your team’s content marketing writing skills on an individual level & as a team. 


Have you ever written a blog post or a web article? 

If yes, you know the amount of effort you need to put into researching, planning, writing & optimizing those. You have to create a better & attractive blog/ web article to attract, educate readers & get a high rank on search engines. This blog will provide information about some content writing tools you can utilize to enhance your writing skills.

Content writing tools 

Following are some content writing tools you can use to write the best content & become a pro at content writing. 

  1. Hubspot’s Blog Topic Generator

HubSpot’s blog topic generator is a tool that is very simple to use. When you type some keywords, it will generate some blog title ideas by using those keywords. When you need attractive blog titles, you can simply use this tool. 

  1. Evernote 

Evernote is a powerful tool developed by Evernote Corporation that helps anyone to capture & arrange their creative ideas. It is an app designed to take notes, organise notes, and manage tasks & archive. With Evernote, you can keep your notes handy, use templates to create better notes, go paperless, bring notes & to-do lists together, and connect schedules & notes, and many more. 


  1. Google Docs 

Google Docs is an online word processor that enables you to create, edit & format documents, and work with other people. With google docs, you can share your blog articles with others in your team & choose whether they can view, edit or comment on your blog article. There are many reasons to use google docs for content writing as it is a free platform, you can share your content with others, allows the editors to give feedback to the writer, link any word/sentence by using the hyperlink option, having & grammar & spelling check feature & more.


Google Docs
  1. Canva 

Canva is a free graphic designing tool anyone can use to create visual content for their content writing. It has free & premium packages & each has different features that allow you to craft amazing visual content such as blog title images, infographics. Etc.

1 1 1 Be the best content writer with these effective content writing tools!
  1. Grammarly

Grammarly is an AI-based digital writing assistant that offers expert-level editing options in one place. Grammarly allows you to check grammar, spelling & punctuation in your content & word suggestions, avoid inconsistencies & assess overall tone. Grammarly helps you to write outstanding content in many ways such as, 

  • Grammarly checks your blog post for errors in grammar and punctuation. Then it offers recommendations for how to make the corrections practically.
  • Grammarly is a powerful spell-checker. This prevents misspelt words from displaying in your blog articles.
  • Grammarly assists you by providing real insights & also sentence structures to enhance the readability of your blog article.
  • Grammarly compares your content with many websites to detect if there is plagiarism. 




  1. Headline Analyzer 

 “On the average, five times as many people read the headline as read the body copy. When you have written your headline, you have spent eighty cents out of your dollar.” – David Ogilvy, founder of Ogilvy & Mather

Getting visitors’ attention is one of the most crucial things in content writing. Your content starts with a headline & if the reader is not interested in the headline, they are not interested in the rest of your content either. You can check your headline ideas through CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer & improve them in terms of word balance & character count.


    Hadline Analizer
    1. SEMrush 

    SEMrush is an effective online tool that helps to optimize your content to get better search engine rankings. With SEMrush you can find our trends in the topic you are writing, what others are up to, and specific keywords to help your SERPs, & better optimize content & monitor Google Page Ranks.



    Why should you utilise these content writing tools? 

    There are many benefits you can achieve by using these content writing tools such as, 

    • Assist content creators to become better writers without grammatical & structural errors. 
    • Increase the readability of your content & make content that your audience will find interesting.
    • Help you to find good content ideas.
    • Find trending topics that resonate with your audience. 
    • Helps you to craft visual content. 
    • Help you to be more organised & stay focused.


    A bad content strategy will not be saved by the use of content marketing tools. However, they will undoubtedly assist you in completing the task in a shorter amount of time and with more efficiency.
    Despite the fact that there are many more content marketing tools available, this list contains the top solutions for the majority of marketing demands. Try them out and notice how they improve the effectiveness of your content development strategy and execution plan.

    If you need any help in content writing, our team at Digifix is more than happy to help you. 

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    Hi, we are an Australian digital agency doing groundbreaking work to help a business like yours reach its full potential.  My only question is will you qualify for our services?

      Do you want more traffic?

      Hi, we are an Australian digital agency doing groundbreaking work to help a business like yours reach its full potential.  My only question is will you qualify for our services?