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Getting a higher rank on Search results is essential for your website. For that you need to act according to Search Engine Guidelines. So having an  idea on Black Hat SEO techniques  is essential. This blog post will only take 5 minutes of your time to explain about it. 

To discuss Black Hat SEO techniques, you should be aware of Search Engine Optimization.  Are you familiar with Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? If not, do not worry. We have published many blogs related to Search Engine Optimization. As a start, you can read Ultimate Guide to Search Engine Optimization. 

Anyway, if you know about SEO, you know search engines like Google value genuine & relevant content. When you practice black hat SEO, you do not earn the right to rank higher on SERP. You just violate search engine guidelines to rank higher. 

If you need to avoid doing it, you should know what the black hat SEO techniques are. Continue to read to get a clear & sound understanding.

What is Black Hat SEO?



Violating search engine guidelines to get a website ranking higher in search engine results is known as Black Hat SEO. In other words, it means getting a website into higher ranks by using unethical techniques. 

Even though ranking higher on search engine results pages is essential, practicing unethical techniques is not healthy for your website. Search engines such as Google, Bing & Yahoo have clearly declared SEO techniques that go against their guidelines. If you do black hat SEO techniques, there is a high possibility that your website will get penalized. 

Practicing black hat SEO techniques for a long time will damage your website & give you Google Penalty. Since Search Engine algorithms are more sophisticated now, you should avoid doing black hat SEO. Instead, you can do white hat SEO to improve your search engine ranking. It is more ethical & doesn’t violate search engine guidelines. 

Why should you avoid Black Hat SEO? 

There are risks involved in using a black hat SEO tactic to rank your website. Even though some black hat techniques work for your website, they will only be short-term. 

Using Black Hat SEO can lead to a website being removed from Google Index. And the website will never appear on Google.com or any of Google’s partner sites. 

And also, black hat SEO negatively impacts the organic traffic & visibility of a website. As a result, conversions & sales of the company will be reduced dramatically. This will be a cause for business closure. I hope you understand how risky it is to use black hat SEO.

Black Hat Seo Techniques to avoid:

Black Hat SEO Techniques

1.Keyword Stuffing

Some people use their focus keyword or keywords too much in their content. Stuffing irrelevant keywords that don’t add value is keyword stuffing. People do this to manipulate search engines to get a higher rank. This technique is one of a black hat SEO techniques. 

When you stuff irrelevant keywords, it doesn’t give any value to users & your page will rank for unnecessary search queries. If you add the same keyword excessively, search engines will identify it as unnatural. 

Following is an example of Black Hat Search engine optimization,

“Many people do not know that there are many Google Search Tips. This blog post explains the Google Search Tips Everyone needs daily. Even though you use Google frequently, you do not know how to search properly. 

That is why this blog article offers some great Google search tips. If you need to know Google Search Tips & need to use Google search tips, you must read this blog on Essential Google Search Tips.”

So, as you see, I have used the word “Google Search Tips” many times & when you read this paragraph, you feel like I have used that word unnecessarily. This is keyword stuffing. 


Cloaking is giving two different experiences to users & search engines. If simply said, people show one piece of content to search engines & totally different content to users. That is called Cloaking. 

People do this to rank for irrelevant search terms that aren’t even relevant to them. Spam websites frequently do this to prevent search engine crawlers from finding spam content on the website. 

3.Article Spinning

Article spinning means copying content from other publishers. When you copy & publish other people’s content, it becomes duplicate content. Spinning means reusing the same words & ideas from other content. It is similar to plagiarism. 

Google identifies duplicate content & penalizes those content. And if you copy from someone else, that person may take legal actions for violating copywriting rules. 

So, how can you avoid article spinning? It is impossible to write about topics that other people have not used. But when writing content, you can use your own words, phrases, expressions & writing style to avoid article spinning.

Your content can be unique to other content. Maybe you can add original images, reviews, ideas, or suggestions to make your content unique. 

4.Private Blog Networks

Private Blog Networks mean groups of websites that are linked to each other. These private blog networks are built to improve each other’s ranking & improve the domain authority. 

For example, you can create 3 different blog sites about digital marketing services & write blogs linking to each other. This is an easy way to build backlinks. But this technique violates Google’s webmaster guidelines & will lead to the website being penalized. 

This black hat SEO technique is not approved by Google. So, you will need to find other authentic ways to earn backlinks. Anyway, if you create quality content, another website will automatically link to you. 

5.Spam blog comments

If you own a blog site, you may be familiar with comment spam. Sometimes people comment in the comment section with links to their websites. Their aim is to get backlinks to their websites. 

If you post comments with links to your website, the website owners will mark your comment as spam. So, this technique is not a good thing to practice. 

Instead, you can share your opinion on their content or give a suggestion. 

6.Buying Links

Every website owner dreams of earning lots of quality backlinks to their websites. Google will decide that your website is an authoritative & reliable website if your website has many quality backlinks. It will help to get a higher rank on search results. 

Search engines will identify your website as a spam site if you buy backlinks. And also, buying links violates Google Webmaster Guidelines. And the final result is getting a penalty. 

So, instead of paid links, use authentic ways to earn quality backlinks. 


Since we came to the end of our blog article, I hope now you have a clear & sound understanding of Black Hat SEO techniques. 

Search Engine Optimization is essential to bring your website to a higher ranking on search engine results pages. But if you use Black Hat SEO to improve your ranking, you will only do harm to your own website. Your website may get penalized by Google for violating guidelines. 

So, to prevent that, you should understand black hat search engine optimization techniques well. I have explained 7 black hat techniques in this blog article: Article spinning, buying links, cloaking, keyword stuffing, private blog networks, and spam blog comments. 

I have explained above negative SEO techniques & why you shouldn’t practice them for your website. I encourage you to use only White Hat SEO techniques if you need a higher ranking & long-term results. 

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