Withing 6 minutes reading time you will be able to know essential Google Search Tips for everyday use.

Google is practically a Genie! 

It will return millions of results based on your query. Google is like oxygen in that it is necessary. Every day, we conduct hundreds of Google searches to find information. You can find the lyrics to your favorite song, a recipe for your favorite meal, celebrity gossip, educational factors, and many other things on the internet.

Even though Google has everything we need, if you don’t know how to search, you will not find what you need. And as you know, on the first search engine result page, you find the best results for your search term. 

Google search provides tips to help you get the best results, just like anything else. The 14 Essential Google Search Tips in this blog post can help you locate what you’re looking for quickly and easily.

It will only take 6 minutes of your time to get these amazing Google Search Tips to find exactly what you are looking for.

Essential Google Search Tips 

Google Search Tips: For Students

1.Google Search for math solutions.

I am not recommending this tip to use regularly as a student. Because you will get better at math if you practice by yourself. But if there is a difficult math problem, you can use this Google search tip. 

You can get solutions for easy & also difficult math questions by using Google search. 

For example, as you see in the below image, I typed an 8+9*10 math problem, and Google gave me an answer with a calculator.

Google search tips

2.Search for a specific file type.

You can use the filetype: command to find a specific file type. For example, if you need to find a pdf about search engine optimization, you can search like, 

“Search Engine Optimization” filetype:ppt

This Google search trick is beneficial if you are a student, because most of the time you will have to do assignments & you can find the exact file type with this command.

3.Convert currency & units.

Google can convert measurement units and currency values quickly and accurately. You can use this Google search trick to understand the exchange rate between two currencies. For this, you can use the search term, 

USD to Indian Rupee

If you want to convert miles to Kilometers, you can use the search term,

Miles to Km or, more specifically, 10 Miles to Km

Google search tips

This tip is one of the most beneficial Google Search tips for students. But others also use this in day-to-day life. 

Following are some other units you can convert by using Google Search. 

  • Square foot to square miles
  • Megabyte to Gigabyte
  • Foot to Yard
  • Seconds to Minute 

Google Search Tips: For Anyone


1.Use double quotes to search for something specific. 

If you are searching for Search Engine Optimization, using double quotes will help you get specific answers. It will reduce the guesswork of Google & provide the most relevant search results. 

Instead of typing Search Engine Optimization, you can type “Search Engine Optimization.”

Google search tips
Google search tips

If you compare these two images, you can see the difference in search results you get in both ways. When you use double quotes, you can get more specific answers.

2.Use hyphens to exclude words.

You can use a hyphen to exclude any type of search results as you wish. For example, you want to make a cake & you do not like chocolate cakes. So you want to get a cake recipe that is not a chocolate cake recipe. For this, you can search like this,

Cake recipe- Chocolate cake

This tip is one of the most useful Google search tips if you are a busy person & need relevant information quickly. 

3.Use a colon to get a specific website.

When talking about Google search tips, we can’t forget this. When you need information about something only from a specific website, you can use a colon. For example, if you need information about search engine optimization from the DigiFix website, your search term should be this,

Search Engine Optimization:digifix.com.au

What are google search tips

This tip is also a great Google search tip. This way, you can save your time & effort & find results that meet your needs.

4.Finding websites that are similar to a website.

This tip is one of the unpopular but amazing Google search tips. If you are a fan of a specific website & you want to find other websites that are similar to your favorite website, you can search like below,


When you search like this, you will find many websites similar to HubSpot. This Google search tip will benefit anyone.


5.Use only important words.

Google compares the search terms you entered when searching with the keywords in the websites. So, the search query you enter can impact the search results you get. If you use unnecessary words, it will take longer to find results. Thus, when searching, it makes sense to utilize only the keywords.

For example, if you need to order a pizza,

Don’t type – Where can I order a tasty pizza place that delivers to home fast?

As you can see, this search term is too long. Instead, use the following search terms: Pizza places near me or Pizza delivery near me.

When you use a search term like this, Google knows what to give as search results. So, use only the important keywords. 

6.Google Search shortcuts make your life easier.

This Google search tip is in the bunch of hidden Google search tips. Many people don’t know about these shortcuts. You can use these shortcuts to get the exact information with less time & effort. 

Following are some commands you can use.

  1. Look for the weather in a given zip code. 

For this, you can use the search term below,

Weather *put the zip code*

  1. Get a definition of a word.

Use the below shortcuts to get a definition of a word,

What is the definition of *word* or Define: *word*

  1. Time of a specific place.

Use the below code to know the time of a specific place.

Time *place*

These short commands help simplify a web search that typically requires several clicks into a single search. For information you require repeatedly, this is incredibly beneficial.

7.Use descriptive words as search terms.

Try to use descriptive words when you are searching for something. If you search for something and don’t find an answer, try rephrasing the word or phrase with different words to see if that improves the results.

8.Find your Android phone.

Well, this is one of the best Google Search Tips I give you. If we lose our mobile phone, it will be a disaster. Did you know that you can find your Android mobile phone using Google? 

Type Find my phone & it will show the location of your phone & make it ring for 5 minutes. And you can secure your phone or erase the content on your phone.

Google search tips

9.Find your IP address.

If you have no idea about your IP address, you can use the Google Search tool to find your IP address. Type Find my IP address & do as the instructions. 

10.Drag & drop a URL to open that webpage in a new tab.

Many people probably don’t know this Google Search Tip. They will copy the URL, open a new tab & paste it into the search bar. Did you know that there is an easy way to do it ? 

You can highlight the URL of the webpage you want to open in another tab. Then you drag it & drop it on the plus icon, which you use to open a new tab. In a matter of seconds, you can open the same webpage in another tab. 

11.Narrow down the image searches by image type.

If you use Google to find images, you can filter image search results by colors, size type & time. You can click Tools to get these filters. Click More > Show sizes to have image sizes listed below the images.

Final Thought!

Can you imagine a life without Google Search in 2022? No, right? 

Millions of people all over the world use Google for many purposes. Businesses use Google to reach the target audience, do research & introduce products.

Students use Google for educational purposes. And other people use Google to find information on entertainment. But only a few percent know how to use Google Search properly. 

Google Search is a powerful tool if you use it appropriately. Since Google is the most popular & largest search engine, being a pro at Google Search will be extremely beneficial for your life. 

 You may think, what is the point of learning about these search tips for your life. But if you know these tips, it will save your time and effort & increase your knowledge & possibilities. 

Looks like we came to the end of our blog article on Google Search Tips. If you feel like you need any Digital Marketing service for your company, our team at DigiFix is more than happy to help you. Visit our website to contact us. 

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Hi, we are an Australian digital agency doing groundbreaking work to help a business like yours reach its full potential.  My only question is will you qualify for our services?

    Do you want more traffic?

    Hi, we are an Australian digital agency doing groundbreaking work to help a business like yours reach its full potential.  My only question is will you qualify for our services?