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This blog explains about 10 essential graphic design skills you need to get a job in the graphic designing field. 

A graphic designer is a creative person who develops and implements visual approaches to convey or express information. Graphic designing is one of the most required job fields these days. Companies around the world are looking for expert designers who produce appealing content. 

skills required for graphic designers

Their job may demand a great deal of creativity and inspiration. But it also necessitates technical abilities and an understanding of the relevant software.

This blog explains the list of technical skills, soft-skills & design principles a graphic designer should master. If you are hoping to get a career in graphic designing, these are the skills you should learn & improve. 

Use this blog as a guidance to plan on learning these skills to be an expert graphic designer.

Technical Graphic Design Skills

In graphic design jobs, you will have to use certain tools. The tools you use in your profession will be determined by a variety of factors. iT  include the type of design you want to specialise in and industry trends.

Following are the technical skills a good graphic designer should have to be hired by a good company. If you want a career in graphic design, try to develop the following skills. 

1.Adobe InDesign

A graphic designer has to work with Adobe Creative Cloud in his career. Adobe’s products are regarded as the industry’s standard to create amazing designs. 

Adobe InDesign is the best page design & layout program to create print & digital media. This tool is frequently used for digital design tasks. This tool is an essential tool for graphic designers.

Adobe InDesign graphic design skills

Adobe InDesign is an essential tool many graphic designers use frequently. Even though this tool has been around for a while, it is one of the best typesetting & publishing applications. 

Adobe InDesign is useful to create many things like flyers, novels, magazines, posters & other printed items. Adobe InDesign is the best page design & layout program to create print & digital media. 

This tool is frequently used for digital design tasks. This tool is an essential tool for graphic designers. InDesign is still as useful now as it was ten years ago. It makes stunning designs for print as well as digital formats.

2.Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is a part of Adobe Creative Cloud & the world’s most popular photo editing app. This app was released 30 years ago in 1990.

Adobe Photoshop for graphic designers

You may be wondering why a graphic designer needs a photo editing app. But as a designer, you will need to edit & modify graphics like Pngs & JEPGs. Knowing how to use Adobe Photoshop is an essential graphic design skill you need. 

Mastering Photoshop for graphic design is a must-have ability for anybody who works or wants to work in the field. Photoshop is the industry standard digital program for graphic design professions, including print, web as well as videos.

3.Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is also a part of Adobe Creative Cloud. It is a vector graphics editor & it was released in 1987. You don’t need to be a drawing expert to use Adobe Illustrator.

Adobe Illustrator for graphic designers

Photoshop & Illustrator can be used together to create amazing designs. Due to this reason, these two rank highest in graphic design skills. 

Illustrator is the finest vector-graphics editing application available, and it’s just gradually improving. More collaboration possibilities, integrated lessons, and support for 3D elements are among the new features.


Typography is a fundamental requirement for graphic design. 

The majority of these typography-related abilities will be useful when working in Designing. But they will also be useful in any other design software that a designer employs.

Graphic designers should have an in-depth understanding of typography. They should be able to explain the theory behind the typography choices they made.

Good typography makes a good design. Bad typography can make people hate a brand. So it is important to select good typography. 

This explains the importance of typography for a graphic designer. So, typography is among essential graphic design skills.

5.UX & UI skills

UX & UI skills help designers to enhance their designing skills & be competitive. UX & UI fluency help to create visually appealing & functional designs. Graphic designers have to work with UI & UX designers. So, understanding these fundamentals will help to collaborate & communicate. 

Soft Skills for Graphic Designers

This article explains the graphic design skills you need to be a good graphic designer. When it comes to design skills, that doesn’t mean only technical skills. Graphic designers should not be limited to Adobe skills or other technical skills. 

A graphic designer should have soft skills (non-technical skills). Following is the list of soft skills you need as a graphic designer. 


Creativity is a must-have skill for a graphic designer. A graphic designer should always come up with new, creative & fresh ideas for clients. Graphic designers work in agencies have to deal with clients. When clients explain what they need, a designer should build creative designs. 

Creativity is a born skill but with dedication, you can improve your creativity. With good observation & practice, you will be able to build a creative mindset. 

2.Communication Skills

Almost every job requires communication skills from an employee. That is the same for a graphic designer as well. A graphic designer should be able to communicate his ideas to his clients. The ability to communicate effectively is an essential requirement to make a design process successful. 

In today’s digital landscape, you need to be familiar with every communication method like emails, messages & video conferences. 

Great graphic designers use straightforward language that is easy to grasp and friendly.

3.Problem Solving Skills

Problem-solving skills are essential for graphic designers. Graphic designers will receive creative briefs from clients & they have to solve the problems that come up with those briefs. 

They need to regularly modify to meet client requirements and understand how to respond to comments.

4.Ideation Skills

The concept of ideation is essential to a graphic designer’s skill list. Ideation is generating ideas or concepts. It is all about creating and presenting visual concepts in graphic design.

Ideation is the initial thing a graphic designer does when starting a new project. Ideation has a few steps like research, development, evaluation & application. 

Normally, in the ideation process, designers use techniques like mood boards & thumbnails. 

Ideation is a process with several steps. Researching is also a step of the ideation process. Then brainstorming, mind-mapping & evaluation are the rest steps of ideation. 

5.Time Management 

Graphic designers have to work on several projects at once. So, balancing their tasks & meeting deadlines is important. A graphic designer should have good time management skills to reach desired goals. 

Time management abilities help graphic designers to remain determined. And build long-term design strategies and work with no haste but with higher quality.

Design Principles

A graphic designer should not only have soft skills & technical skills. A graphic designer should be familiar with Design Principles. Design Principles are the foundation for graphic designing. Following are the design principles,

Alignment: The way you can combine images or components.

Repetition: Enhancing a design by repeating some elements.

Contrast: Creating emphasis with visual differences. 

Hierarchy: Organise visual elements on a page or asset.

Balance: Create stability & structure in your designs. 

These are the five design principles a graphic designer should follow. Then you will be able to create visually appealing & structured designs. Design principles help to increase user experience & increase your design skills. 


To have a successful career as a graphic designer, you must have the correct set of skills. Like any job, becoming a designer requires certain fundamental abilities, which every wannabe must learn.

This blog has explained the set of skills you need to be a graphic designer. Master these graphic design talents, and you’ll be well on your way to becoming a graphic designer and earning a career in the field.

If you like to bring your business to the level with digital solutions, our team at DigiFix is more than happy to help you. Contact us by visiting our website. 

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    Do you want more traffic?

    Hi, we are an Australian digital agency doing groundbreaking work to help a business like yours reach its full potential.  My only question is will you qualify for our services?