This blog explains the meaning of colors in marketing & how different colors evoke feelings & emotions. This will only take 5 minutes from your time. 

What is Color Psychology in Marketing?

meaning of colors in marketing

Studies about color psychology show how different colors influence human behavior & decision-making. Different colors bring emotions & feelings. That means colors & emotions have a connection. In this blog article, you can understand how different colors representing emotions. 

The objective of marketing strategies is to establish an instant association with an audience and to begin building brand awareness and loyalty. Color psychology plays a significant influence in this. 

For example, one or few primary colors & secondary colors can convey the brand’s personality. So, using proper colors for your marketing & branding is essential. 

Understanding the psychology behind colors is essential to understanding why is color important in branding.

Meaning of Colors in Marketing: 


Blue Color Psychology

blue color psychology

The color blue is preferred by many people, especially men. Blue represents calmness & increases productivity. Many offices use the blue color in their workspace to boost their employee productivity. 

And research shows that 15% of people retain in your shops if you paint blue. Since blue conveys a sense of confidence many financial institutes like banks & insurance companies use blue in their logos. 

Blue conveys positive emotions like loyalty, security, trust & wisdom. Some social media brands use blue in their logos to build trust among their users. 

Apart from these good emotions, blue conveys negative emotions like Coldness, emotionlessness, unfriendliness & unappetizing. 

But blue is a color that can put people at ease & make them feel secure & confident. If a brand hopes to build trust among its customers, it should use blue color. Blue will always be a trustworthy color & boost sales by reducing the anxiety of people. 

Brands like Facebook, Twitter, IBM, Canva, American Express, WordPress & Dell have blue in their logos.

Orange Color Psychology

orange color psychology

Orange color expresses confidence, courage, creativity, friendliness & enthusiasm. Since color orange is associated with the sun, it gives a warm feeling. 

But as a negative point, some Orange shades give feelings of deprivation, restlessness, and ignorance & deprivation. But if you use the right shades of Orange, you will not face issues. 

If a brand wants to appear innovative, fun & cool, it should use the color Orange in its logo. 

Well-known brands like Nickelodeon, Fanta, Harley Davidson, Bitly, Hooters, Home Depot & Amazon use Orange in their logos.

Red Color Psychology

red color psychology

Red is a powerful color that proves there is a strong relationship between colors & feelings. Red conveys feelings like excitement, energy, passion, fearlessness & power. The red color symbolizes love. And as negative emotions, some shades of red convey anger, danger, warnings, aggression & pain. 

Since the red color makes people hungry & increases appetite, many food & beverage brands use the red color. This color has a sense of urgency & marketers use red on call-to-action buttons. 

Many well-known brands like Coca-Cola, Netflix, Target, and YouTube use the color red in their logos & marketing material. 

Marketers use red on valentine’s day & Christmas Day celebrations. In Chinese culture, red symbolizes luck. 

Research has shown that the red color speeds up blood flow & metabolism. It increases hunger. So, that is why brands like Coca-cola, Mcdonald’s & KFC use red as their branding color.

If you hope to use red in your logos, make sure to use the right tone. 

Purple Color Psychology

meaning of colors in marketing

The purple color symbolizes royalty. In ancient times, high-ranking royals wore purple-colored dresses. The Purple color generates vibes of royalty, luxury, wisdom, success & sophisticated aura. 

Most of the time, premium brands use Purple to represent their high-quality products or services. 

But some shapes of purple color can express moodiness, excess & decadence. 

Well-known brands like Hallmark, Yahoo, Cadbury & Welch use purple in their logos.

Green Color Psychology

green color psychology

Green represents our relationship with nature. Almost everything in the natural world is green in color (trees, bushes, grass…). The color green conveys feelings like relaxation, freshness, health, prosperity & hope. Since green is linked with nature, many natural brands use this color. 

But as negative emotions, the green color conveys boredom, blandness & stagnation. 

If you want to appear like an organic, natural, healthy & eco-friendly brand, green is the best color for you. Many stores use green to give a relaxed feeling to their customers. 

Many well-known brands like John Deere, Spotify, StarBucks, Animal Planet & Tropicana use green in their logos.

Pink Color Psychology

pink color psychology

The pink color is the most popular color to be associated with feminine brands. Pink expresses feelings of youthful, imaginative, quirky, childish & feminine vibes. If you want your brand to be seen as gentle, loving, and feminine, it’s better to use pink for your logo.

If you target a female audience, the Pink color is the best. Brands like Victoria’s Secret, Pink, Barbie, Dunkin Donuts, Kylie Cosmetics & Lyft use pink in their logos & marketing. 

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Yellow Color Psychology

yellow color psychology

Like the orange color, the yellow color is also a warm & happy color. It represents youthfulness, happiness, warmth, optimism, creativity & clarity. 

As negative emotions, Yellow conveys feelings of fear, anxiety & irrationality. The street signs, police tapes & traffic lights use yellow color often. 

If you need a cheerful & youthful brand personality, Yellow is suitable for your logo. Yellow color is best to grab the attention of shoppers. Research has shown that the 1st color infants react to is Yellow color. Due to this reason, many baby products & toys use Yellow color. 

Yellow is known as one of the most psychologically compelling colors. But too much yellow color will make it uneasy. So, make sure to find the right balance of this color. 

Most popular brands like MacDonald’s, IKEA, DHL & Nikon use the color yellow in their logos.

Black Color Psychology

black color psychology

We see the black color very often everywhere as it is a common color. Black is an essential color that makes brands look elegant, premium & sophisticated. Many brands use black color to look more premium.

Black is linked with emotions like power, sophistication, elegance & confidence. According to psychology of color, the emotions that occur through black color depend on personal preferences. 

But as negative emotions black expresses coldness, evil, & oppression. And health care brands don’t use black because black represents death & mourning. But we can see fashion brands frequently use black. 

High-end cosmetic packaging like lipsticks & blushes uses black color often. 

Black is a popular color choice among brands in many industries. Many well-known brands like Nike, Gucci, Adidas, BMW, Prada & more. 

Gray Color Psychology

grey color psychology in marketing

Gray has gained popularity in recent years in marketing & home decorating. Since minimalism is a trend now, using Gray color is popular. 

Gray colors express feelings like neutrality, luxury, balance & solidarity. Major brands like Apple, Toyota & Swarovski use Gray in their marketing.


Using color psychology in marketing can assist your company in sending a message or evoking emotions. However, the placement of these colors is as significant. The use of specific colors in specific areas of your website, social media images, and other marketing materials can drive your clients to act or encourage interaction.

I hope after reading this blog you got a clear idea on what is the meaning of colors in marketing. Understanding how colors affect customers is important. So, use the most suitable color that aligns with your brand personality. 

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Hi, we are an Australian digital agency doing groundbreaking work to help a business like yours reach its full potential.  My only question is will you qualify for our services?

    Do you want more traffic?

    Hi, we are an Australian digital agency doing groundbreaking work to help a business like yours reach its full potential.  My only question is will you qualify for our services?