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Make 2023 a year of growth with these top 20 AI marketing tools for boosting sales and expanding your business.

AI Marketing Tools:

An AI marketing tool is a software that uses AI technology (artificial intelligence) & machine learning technology to automate the marketing process. These tools take decisions automatically without human intervention based on the data collected before & by analyzing those with market trends. Basically AI marketing tools help to increase the effectiveness & efficiency of the marketing process of your company.

20 Best AI Marketing Tools for your business:


AI marketing tools
  • Price: Has Free & Premium versions
  • What the tool offers: Top Grammar & Spell checker 

Grammarly should be one of the fundamental AI Marketing Tools on your list. It is a fascinating free marketing tool any business can use to check the grammar & spelling of their content to make sure it is professional & precise. You can install the Grammarly extension in Google Chrome. 

The Grammarly free version offers basic grammar & spell checking (identify & show the grammar & spelling errors in your content). Additionally, it shows similar & alternative words & adjusts the writing style. But if you purchase the premium version, it offers many features like plagiarism checking & clarity suggestions.

So, maybe you are thinking about how Grammarly helps your marketing process. If you are not good with words & English is not your native language, Grammarly will be your best friend to rectify your mistakes. With Grammarly, you can publish the perfect content on your website, blog posts, social media, or newsletters. 

2.Seventh Sense

AI marketing tools
  • Price: For HubSpot,$64 a month & for Marketo,$360 a month.
  • What it offers: Optimize email marketing campaigns.

Seventh Sense is an AI email marketing tool that helps deliver your emails to the right customers at the right time. This tool helps marketers engage with their audience better & increase email deliverability. The important thing is Seventh Sense is only able to work with HubSpot & Marketo. 

Seventh Sense uses AI technology to identify which individuals engage with the emails sent by you. Then it automates the timing of email delivery to every individual contact on your email list based on the time of opening emails.

This way, your email will be on the top of the inbox of your contacts & increase the engagement rates & avoid being in the spam list. This process is called Send time personalization.You only can use Seventh Sense only if you send emails through HubSpot & Marketo. 

3.Jasper ai

AI tools for marketing
  • Price: Starter mode for $40 with 20,000 words & $82 for Boss mode with 50,000 words.
  • What it does: Jasper automates content strategy.

Jasper is an advanced AI marketing tool that helps to create high-quality content like emails, articles, social media posts, landing pages & ad copy. Jasper uses the GPT3 model developed by Open AI to write human-like content. 

Jasper has a chatbot version where you can keep a conversation with AI & it understands 29 languages & respond to you in your language. 

And you can add Jasper Chrome Extension to your Chrome browser to get help from AI for your content.

4.Growth Bar

AI marketing tools
  • Price: Standard plan for $29, Pro plan for $79 & Agency plan for $129. All these are monthly rates.
  • What it offers: A AI-powered SEO tool.

Growth Bar is an AI SEO tool that helps marketers & bloggers with a set of tools to optimize websites for search engines & rank higher. With its amazing features it has, Growth Bar is a good tool for those who are looking for a tool for their SEO needs.

Growth Bar uses the GPT3 language model to automate the content generation process. It suggests keywords, word count, images, links & more for your content generation. And Growth Bar is amazing because it suggests backlinks & generates blog post outlines. And you can add its Chrome extension as well.

The tool is affordable, easy to use & comprehensive. But it has limited customization options & limited features. The main competitors of Growth Bar are SemRush, Ahrefs & Moz. 

Compared to these competitors, Growth Bar is less expensive but with few features. And it offers a user-friendly interface for marketing teams & bloggers.


marketing autiomation with AI tools
  • Price: You can get a custom pricing plan.
  • What it offers: Marketing automation tool

Phrasee is a marketing automation tool that uses AI technology to generate language that aligns with your target audience & enhances marketing campaigns.

Phrasee uses natural language processing to generate email body content, preview text & email subject lines that are more likely to get interactions from people. Phrasee study data from customer behavior, social media & past email campaigns & personalize & optimize content for each campaign. It predicts your best-performing content based on real-time actionable insights.

And most importantly, you can get a custom pricing plan based on your requirements. 


best AI marketing tools

Price: Basic package is $49 per month. The popular package is $124 per month. The pro package is $299 per month.

What it offers- Generate personalized emails.

You can generate thousands of personalized emails that are more likely to get more replies by using Smartwriter.ai. You can save time if you use this tool because it is 40* faster than human writers & 6* cheaper than human writers. This tool automates your research process & copywriting process.

7.Insta Text

best AI marketing tools for business growth

Price: For single users, $11.99 per month, or you can get custom quotes for businesses & scholars.

What it offers: Basic grammar & spelling checker

InstaText is an AI writing tool similar to Grammarly. This tool can perform basic grammar & spelling checking & rewrite sentences to fine-tune them. Even rewriting doesn’t destroy the human writer’s tone & style. So, if you are a brand, you don’t have to worry about losing your voice while using this tool. 

With this AI-powered writing assistant, you can make your content more readable & understandable. And there is a Chrome extension available for this amazing tool.


AI marketing automation

Price: Customized price

What it offers: Customer engagement platform

Emplifi.io offers actionable insights to empathize with customers & amplify the right experience for them. Emplify has a CX that helps brands to adjust to fast-changing consumer preferences in every brand touch point.

Up to now, they have helped 7000+ brands to create a powerful experience for their target audience. And they have been the leading face of the customer experience for 25 years.

The best tool it offers is a social media marketing tool. It helps to manage your every social media platform in one dashboard. With that dashboard, you can see how your campaigns are performing. And also, this tool is best for influencer marketing as it helps you to find & interact with influencers. 

Pinterest, McDonald, Instagram, YouTube & many big brands use Emplifi.io for marketing.


AI for marketing

Price: Custom quote

What it offers: Digital Advertising platform.

Smartly.io is a SaaS digital advertising platform that is used by 700+ brands like Nestle, Disney, Walmart, and Warner Bros. Its technology & customer service help brands to reach their target audience, interact with them & identify what performs the best across platforms like Google, Facebook, Instagram & Pinterest.

You can integrate Smartly with those platforms & handle ads on one dashboard


Price: The solo package is $14.99 per month. The basic package is $44.99 per month. The team package is $114.99 per month. 

What it offers: Content insights software

Frase.io is a tool that helps you generate SEO-friendly content better & faster. When you enter a topic, Frase analyzes the content on the sites that have the same keyword. Then it generates an SEO-friendly content outline that could rank higher on the search engine results page. 

This tool is one of the essential AI marketing tools that need to be on your list of AI marketing tools. While you create content, you can get a score for your content. If you get a higher score, your content is more likely to rank higher.


Price: The Basic plan is $49, the Pro plan is $99 & the business plan is $199.

What it offers: SEO tool

Surfer is a tool that offers a set of SEO tools that can help a business or website owner to boost their website visibility in search engines.

Surfer helps to identify keywords that are relevant to your website after analyzing the search volume, competition & other factors. And Surfer’s on-page optimization tool analyzes your website & provides recommendations to improve it. And Surfer’s backlink analysis tool analyzes the backlink profile of your website & gives recommendations to increase the authority & credibility of your website.



Price: For a single user, it is free. The standard version is $7200 per month. The premium version is $ 12,000 per month.

What it offers: Content creation & optimization

MarketMuse is a tool that helps you craft content like emails, ad copies, blog articles & more. It uses AI technology to research a topic, & then create a draft based on that research. You can edit that draft in the built-in editor & fine tune it according to the Suggestions given by MarketMuse.

Visit MarketMuse

Apart from those tools, checkout following list of AI marketing tools,



What it offers



Brandwatch Consumer Intelligence

Consumer intelligence tool that offers consumer insights




Helps to improve the quality of your content




Collect data from different platforms & provide a unified view




Digital experience




Automating your tasks



Hemingway App

Helps to edit & fine tune your content to make it look professional




AI chatbot & assistant




Advertising platform




Create landing page content




For influencer marketing


How AI tools for marketing help your business?

1.Access to valuable customer insights

AI marketing tools help businesses to access valuable customer insights from various sources like websites, social media & more. With the help of machine learning these tools identify the patterns & trends in consumer behavior, preferences & consumer needs. 

You can identify the most popular products over time, what search terms used by customers, which marketing channel is most productive at reaching your consumers & more. With these insights on your hand, you are able to plan & execute the most successful marketing strategies, increase customer satisfaction & build a loyal customer base & lead your business to success.

  1. Personalize your messages.

AI marketing tools study customer data & create personalized messages that give a unique experience to your target audience. It eventually increases customer engagement & boosts your sales.

  1. Marketing automation.

AI marketing tools help to automate many parts of marketing like social media marketing, content marketing, email marketing & more. It helps to save time & effort & money for your company.

  1. High targeting options.

AI marketing tools help to identify the most profitable target audience for your business. It increases the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

We hope you found some amazing AI marketing tools that can help you grow your business & stand out from the rest. 

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Hi, we are an Australian digital agency doing groundbreaking work to help a business like yours reach its full potential.  My only question is will you qualify for our services?

    Do you want more traffic?

    Hi, we are an Australian digital agency doing groundbreaking work to help a business like yours reach its full potential.  My only question is will you qualify for our services?