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This article explains how to use LinkedIn for marketing with amazing LinkedIn marketing tips.

According to Hootsuite, LinkedIn holds the title of being the largest and most active professional networking platform. 

Many professionals, job seekers, and employers seeking to hire commonly use LinkedIn. However, only a minority of businesses and brands utilize LinkedIn to promote their products or services. Despite being an excellent platform for businesses, many are hesitant to have a presence on LinkedIn.

Does your business have a presence on LinkedIn? If not, here are some fascinating statistics about LinkedIn marketing to inspire you:

  • LinkedIn generates 80% of all social media leads.
  • 38% of B2B marketers generate revenue via LinkedIn.
  • LinkedIn accounts for 46% of all social traffic to B2B websites.

Read this blog article well, because we explain everything about how you can use LinkedIn for marketing along with amazing LinkedIn marketing tips. But 1st, What is LinkedIn?

What is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is the most popular professional networking platform so far. LinkedIn is the go-to place if you want to connect with people at a professional level, showcase your skills & working experience & build a network.

What is LinkedIn

Unlike other social networks, LinkedIn’s main purpose is to help users build professional networks & develop their careers. Users can add their educational qualifications, work experience & other achievements to their LinkedIn profiles. So, a LinkedIn profile is similar to a resume of a person. Apart from that, people can share content, achievements & communicate with others on LinkedIn. 

LinkedIn is not only used by individual people. Businesses & other organizations also have a presence on LinkedIn. They can post job vacancies, add company news & updates & build a community around them.

What is LinkedIn marketing?

LinkedIn marketing is using LinkedIn to promote businesses, products, and services. It’s not just for job seekers & professionals. With LinkedIn marketing, companies can create business pages to show what they offer & connect with potential customers. 

They can also use sponsored content and ads to reach more people and expand their brand. By using LinkedIn in this way, businesses can build a strong online presence and make valuable connections. It’s a powerful tool to help companies succeed in the professional world.

What is a LinkedIn Marketing Strategy? 

A LinkedIn marketing strategy is a plan created to use the features & options that LinkedIn offers to achieve marketing objectives. It could be promoting a product or service, increasing brand visibility, reaching more target audiences & more. 

However, like any other marketing strategy, creating a LinkedIn marketing strategy should come with proper steps. Let’s see the steps to create a successful LinkedIn marketing strategy.

Steps to build a LinkedIn marketing strategy:

If you understand the importance of having a LinkedIn marketing strategy and are now wondering how to create one, you are in the right place.

Step 01- Create a LinkedIn Company page.

A company that wants to promote its products or services on LinkedIn must have a Linked company page. If you already have one, Good job! But if you don’t have one, let’s create one now with the simple steps below.

How to create a company page on LinkedIn?

To use LinkedIn for marketing, you need a LinkedIn company page. Creating a LinkedIn company page is not a difficult task. With these simple steps, you can get a new company page for your business. 

  1. Create a personal LinkedIn account.

If you want to create your page for business, the 1st thing to do is create an Individual account. This account will be the administrator of the company page. You can add additional page managers later. After you create an individual account, log into it. 

  1. Click the “For business” option.

When you log into your personal account, you will see the “For business” icon in the top right corner. Click that option & scroll down a little bit. Then you will see the “Create a company page” option & click it.

how to create LinkedIn page

3.Select the type of page you want to create.

LinkedIn gives you 03 options to select a Company page, a showcase page & educational institute page.

how to create a company page in LinkedIn select page type

A showcase page is suitable for businesses with different product lines & wants to promote them individually. Companies can expand their LinkedIn presence beyond their main page. 

Showcase pages appear on the main company page under Affiliated pages. 

4.Add details of your business.

LinkedIn for marketing

The next step is to fill in your business details. You have to fill below information,

  • Page name
  • Website
  • Industry
  • Organization size
  • Organization type
  • Company logo
  • Company tagline

5.Click “Create page.”

When you fill in all the necessary details, click “Create page.” Now you have a brand new LinkedIn company page for your business.

create LinkedIn page

With these simple steps, you can create a brand new LinkedIn company page for your business. 

Step 02- Set clear objectives

Any plan or strategy should have clear goals. The same goes for LinkedIn marketing strategies. Clear goals for your LinkedIn marketing strategy give you the right direction to move. 

Your goals should be SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time-bounded). For example, just stating “increasing online presence” is not enough. Instead, it should be something like “Increasing the number of followers by 15% in the next three months.”

Some objectives could fall under the below criteria,

  • Increasing brand awareness. 
  • An increasing number of followers.
  • Increase customer engagement.
  • Lead generation.
  • Drive website traffic.
  • Establish thought leadership (positioning your company as a thought leader in your industry.)

These objectives act as benchmarks, helping you to assess the impact of your efforts & make the required changes to reach the expected outcomes. 

Step 03- Understand your target audience.

The success of a LinkedIn marketing strategy depends on understanding your target audience. When you know your audience well, you can share content that resonates with them. 

Here is how you can study your audience,

(a). Audience segmentation.

You can segment your target audience based on the industry, job title, demographics & interests. It helps to address every subset of your audience.

(b). Research your audience.

A thorough research can give you valuable insights into the behavior of your audience. Use LinkedIn analytics & other tools to study their engagement patterns, content preferences, and the types of posts they find valuable.

(c). Identify their pain points. 

Identify the challenges and pain points your target audience faces. Solving these pain points in your content shows that you understand their needs and set your brand as a helpful resource.

(d). Engage in conversations.

Actively participate in discussions on LinkedIn groups and forums where your target audience is active. You can listen to their opinions, solve their issues, and build relationships.

By understanding your target audience on LinkedIn, you can create meaningful connections and ultimately give better results for your LinkedIn marketing efforts.

Step 04- Study your competitors well. 

Understanding your competitors is essential in building a successful LinkedIn marketing strategy. When using Linkedin for marketing, it is better to study those who already have experience on the platform. 

By studying how your competitors use the platform, you can get valuable insights to build and enhance your approach. 

So, how can you analyze your competitors,

  1. Identify competitors.

Find your biggest competitors on LinkedIn to start. Locate companies in your field that are well-represented on the platform.

  1. Observe their content strategy.

Analyze the content that your rivals are posting on their LinkedIn company sites. Note the subjects they cover, the posting style (articles, videos, infographics, etc.), and how frequently they update.

  1. Differentiate.

Find strategies to set your LinkedIn profile apart from your rivals. It could be highlighting distinctive content themes, your corporate culture, or establishing your brand as a thought leader in a certain industry.

  1. Adapt & innovate.

Use the insights from competitor analysis to build your own LinkedIn marketing strategy. Include successful tactics in your plan while finding creative ways to set your brand apart.

These are the initial steps to build a successful LinkedIn Marketing strategy. Once you complete these initial steps, there are some things you can do to receive maximum outcomes from your strategy. So, get ready to learn some amazing LinkedIn marketing tips that will make you 100% successful on LinkedIn. If you use LinkedIn for marketing, these golden tips will be your secret to success. 

LinkedIn Marketing Tips: 

1.Optimize your LinkedIn company page.

Creating your company page is not sufficient to get people to visit you. Every part of your profile needs optimization. 

(a). Profile image.

If you are an individual, you can use a high-quality picture of you as the profile image. But for a company page, add the company logo as the profile image. Ensure your company’s logo is high-quality & the correct size for the LinkedIn profile image.

(b). Cover image.

The cover image is the large image at the top of your LinkedIn company page. You can use the cover image to show unique selling points of your brand, values & more. You can keep the cover image clean and uncluttered. 

Together, these images give visitors a positive first impression & successfully convey the core of your company.

LinkedIn profile image & banner image size

(c). Bio / about us section

Writing a LinkedIn bio can be difficult since it needs to convey important details to your target audience. 

Crafting an attention-grabbing first line is crucial to entice readers to click the “See more” button and explore your full LinkedIn bio. Here’s a compelling example:

“Unlocking boundless opportunities for your business – Let’s connect and take your success to new heights!”

This fascinating opening line highlights the value you offer & builds a sense of excitement, motivating readers to learn more about how you can help them achieve their goals.

2.Use LinkedIn Ads.

Using targeted advertising on LinkedIn is a great way to grow your reach & connect with a relevant audience. LinkedIn’s advertising platform gives many options to target your ideal customers based on specific characteristics. 

There are different types of LinkedIn ads to promote your business. 

The main types of LinkedIn ads are:

(a). Sponsored Content: Similar to typical posts, these ads appear in users’ LinkedIn newsfeeds. You can advertise articles, pictures, videos, or carousels targeted to a specific audience using sponsored content. 

(b). Sponsored Inmail: With sponsored inmail, you can send personalized messages to your target audience’s inbox. Sponsored InMail is a useful way to drive lead generation or content downloads.

(c). Text ads: These are small, brief ads that appear on the right side of LinkedIn users’ screens. They typically have a headline, a short copy, and a small image. Text ads are cost-effective for driving traffic to a landing page or website.

(d). Dynamic ads: In dynamic ads, you can add the user’s profile image & name to make a sense of familiarity & increase engagement. 

(e). Carousel ads: Sponsored carousel ads allow to show multiple images within a single ad. Each image has its headline, description, and link. Carousel ads are best for storytelling and showing product features.

LinkedIn for marketing LinkedIn ads

(f). Video ads: You can use video ads to introduce a brand or product & share success stories. They get more attention & have higher engagement. 

Each type of LinkedIn ad has unique benefits and targeting options, helping businesses to adjust their advertising strategy to specific marketing objectives & reach the right target audience.

LinkedIn for marketing video LinkedIn ads

3.Encouraging Employees to Get Active on LinkedIn

When your company’s employees are active on LinkedIn, your LinkedIn company page gets a positive impact from them. Ask your employees to list your company page as their workplace on their LinkedIn profiles. It will help you increase company credibility & visibility in search results.

When staff members interact with content (e.g., like, comment, and share), it reaches more people than just the page’s followers. 

4.Understand the LinkedIn algorithm.

The LinkedIn algorithm is a complicated system that decides what information appears in users’ LinkedIn feeds.

Here are some key parts of the LinkedIn algorithm:

(a). Content Relevance: The algorithm analyzes previous interactions of LinkedIn users to understand their preferences & provide relevant content. 

(b). Engagement indicators:  The algorithm considers engagement signals such as the number of likes, comments, shares, and clicks received by post. High levels of engagement suggest that the content is important and relevant, resulting in higher visibility.

(c). Content types: The algorithm evaluates each content type (blog posts, articles, videos, images & carousels) in unique ways.

(d). Fresh content: The algorithm always prioritizes recent content with news & trends. 

These are only a few factors about the LinkedIn algorithm. Understanding the primary elements affecting the algorithm when creating content helps you optimize your content marketing strategy to boost exposure and interaction.

5.Share native videos.

Compared to other types of content, native videos are five times more likely to start discussions among LinkedIn members. That means when you publish a native video directly on LinkedIn, it has a higher chance of generating discussions and engagement from your audience.

LinkedIn for marketing is a game changer!

LinkedIn has shown itself to be a game-changer for marketers & companies who want to build a solid online presence. LinkedIn provides a distinctive platform for companies to promote and establish thought leadership and connections with a relevant audience thanks to its enormous professional network, variety of content formats, and effective targeting tools.

Throughout this blog post, we explored how to use LinkedIn for marketing, starting with building a LinkedIn marketing strategy & ending with golden LinkedIn marketing tips. 

You are not too late to use this amazing social networking platform to promote your business. We hope you have a sound understanding of how to use LinkedIn for marketing. Thanks for reading!

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