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Google My Business Services (GMB) is a free platform provided by the Google to list your business and engage with your customer. Not only just business listing also you connect the customer with google search as well as Google Maps too.

Now, I will show you how you can set up

GMB for your local business with brief information and why it is important for your Business SEO as research suggest, first five results on Google gets 70% of all clicks.

Let’s get started with step by step



Step 1: Setup Up Account

First of all, go to google.com/business or write Google My Business in search engine. You will land on the follow page. If you have google account then you can click on “manage now” and login with your Google account otherwise you can always create your Google account first before this.

Step 2: Find your Business Name

Google will give you option to find your business if its already listed in GMB, just to avoid accidental duplication of listing. Just type your business name to see if it is already listed.

Step 3: Enter your Business Name

If you cannot find your business, all you need to do just click on “add your business to google” and enter your business name to create name of your business for GMB and Press “Next”.

Step 4: Enter Business Category

By adding the right category to your business will help your potential customer to find you for what they are looking for. Remember, you can add more than one category later to your GMB Listing. Once you add your category, click on “Next”.

Step 5: Enter business Services

Google predefines few services based on the business category you have entered previously. But you can always create your own services related to your business and find potential customer based on services you offer.

Step 6: Enter Business Address

You can also add your business address to GMB so that customer can visit your business. If your business engages with customer face to face like store or you have office, this will show up on google maps too. Please Click “Yes” if your business has Physical Address else Click “No”.

Next, all you need to do is select the county from the drop-down menu and Fill the rest of the field according to your business address and make sure you check if it is correct or not.

If you have multiple business on same address, then google will ask to confirm whether it is the same business or different. If it is already listed than select your business else, you can Select “This doesn’t match” and click “Next”.

Step 7: Specify Business Service Area

Depending on the nature of your business, GMB offers two options whether your business serve customers outside your location. You can Select “No” and Click “Next” if you do not wish to service outside your business location.


But if you wish to reach to your customer location then select “Yes, I also serve them outside” and click on “Next”. This will give you option to select areas you would like to serve your customer. You can add as many locations as you can, and this will help google to list your business relevant to customer from that areas.

Step 8: Enter your Business Contact Details

Add all business details you can here like contact numbers, website URL. We would strongly recommend adding this detail as this will give you direct business. And make sure keep up date. Keep in mind this business features are based on the business category. This may vary based on category.

Step 9: Finish Your Business Listing

Once you add all the information, click on “Finish” to proceed to Verification of your business on GMB. You can verify buy “Call” (Preferred) or “Postal Address” (Slow).

Step 10: Add More Information.

Now you have verified the business listing, it is good practice to optimise it on a daily basis and put the information regarding your business like

  • Upload Photos and Videos
  • Put more specific Information regarding businesses
  • Post Business updates frequently
  • Look at insight reports
  • Follow-up customer reviews
  • Answers to customer questions
  • All more products and services

Finally, you can always take advantage of credit you’ve got for business verification from Google. Just like Digifix got one when we set up Google my business first time.