There are some core elements of modern web design that make a website that looks good & functions well. This blog explains those elements.

Modern web design is a constantly evolving field with good reason! As humans, we’re bombarded by digital information every day from all directions: from our phones’ newsfeeds to TV ads flashing across movie screens as we’re trying to watch our favourite movies in theatres! 

So if you’re going to create content online nowadays, then it needs to stand out from all of this noise and not only stand out visually but also function well for users. 

You can read about 10 core elements of modern web design that help to create the perfect website for your brand/ business.

Elements of Modern Web Design

1.Mobile first approach.

elements of modern web design

As of November 2022, 60% of web traffic is coming from mobile devices. Compared to the past, this percentage is higher. Due to this reason, web designers are trying to figure out the best ways to make their websites look good on mobile devices. 

The Mobile first approach is relatively new & gained popularity in recent years in website design. The Mobile first approach aims to optimise your website for mobile users and then enhance it for desktop. 

This approach makes sure that content on your website can be accessed from mobile devices. It’s an essential concept because it helps ensure that your website works well for everyone, not just people who have desktop computers or laptops. Accordingly, mobile 1st approach is one of the essential elements of web design.


Animations play a prominent role in modern web design. They help to communicate with customers easily in an interactive way. Animations on your website make a fun & delightful experience for your customers.  

Users focus on movements so animations can easily grab their attention. You can use animations to highlight special things that need to get attention. 

Since animations give a fun & enjoyable experience to people, they tend to spend more time on your website, which will reduce the bounce rate as well. 

3.White Space

White space (Negative space) is one of the fundamental elements in web design. White space means the empty areas on a website that don’t have any text or images. 

White space creates a balance & order on the website. It separates the elements on the website & creates a sense of visual hierarchy & flow. 

It also makes your designs feel more spacious, cleaner, and easier to read. And it helps to create a more orderly and balanced layout. By leaving some empty space between elements on your page, you can avoid cluttering up the visual hierarchy of your designs & making them feel cramped and cluttered. You’ll also make it easier for visitors to read and digest the content on your site.

White space is also known as negative space because it’s the opposite of what you see. Instead of showing something (like an image or block quote), white space shows nothing at all! Because it prevents our eyes from getting distracted by the clutter in our designs, we can focus on what really matters, the content itself.

White space can help you create a clean and simple design. It helps to create a better user experience by ensuring that the content on your website is easy to read and understand.


Typography is the art of how you present the text. It refers to how you arrange the font style & size, how they spread across the page, & the colours. 

Large typography is one of the most important elements of modern web design. Large fonts are easier to read, more engaging, and better-looking than smaller ones & convey a message or emotion. 

They’re helpful for mobile users who don’t have large screens.

As humans, we’re hardwired to recognize letters and words as signifiers that mean something. So, when you see them in big letters, you’ll know what they say without needing to study them closely. 

Larger fonts can make your design more interactive, as they’re easier to click on and are used in advertising. You’ll also see that large fonts have a playful aesthetic that makes them ideal for children’s sites or any website where you want to create a fun and memorable experience. 

The key to using large fonts is not to overdo it. If you use them too much, they’ll lose their appeal and become overwhelming. Instead, try pairing them with other design elements like photography or video to make your site more engaging—and don’t forget to test the results on multiple devices before publishing!

5.Using Bold Colours.

Bold colours are essential to get noticed. Internet users open many websites at any time & if you want to stand out from others, you can use bold colours to be memorable. 

Bold colours have the ability to grab attention because website visitors notice different things from other websites they visit. But make sure you use these bold colours carefully. Not every site is proper for bright, bold colours, and the wrong ones could actually turn people off instead of attracting them. 

It’s essential to choose the right color scheme and use it appropriately so that your website ends up looking professional.

Bright, bold colours enhance the appearance of a modern website. Hence, select a colour scheme for your website according to your brand tone. 

6.Using high-quality images.

This is one of the most important elements of modern website design. High-quality images make your website stand out from others. Many websites have images/ photos, but some of those are low-quality.  

If you want to show off your work in the best possible light, you’ll need high-resolution images that look great even when blown up as large as possible. You should also use high-quality images relevant to your business and the services you offer. Having photos of smiling people is better than having blank spaces. So, try to include at least one image on every page of your website. 

You can also use images to add a personality to your website. If you have a logo, put it on every landing page of your site so that visitors can identify who you are when they visit other websites.

7.Hero images

Hero images are large & attractive images that act as banners for your website. Hero images should be above the fold of the website to capture the user’s attention. 

The most common place to put a hero image is in the upper right corner, but you can also use it as a background or overlay. A good hero image will grab the viewer’s attention with an appealing design and high-contrast color palettes.

But it should be relevant to your website topic or tone. For example, if you are a furniture store, you can place a nice hero image on furniture. 

8.Card Designs

Card designs are gaining popularity these days. Cards help to convey data visually without getting confused. Breaking content into cards will help visitors to select what they need to read. 

Cards will help to highlight the most important facts about your products or services. 

However, keep these cards responsive as people use any type of device. 

9.Hamburger menus

Hamburger Menus are buttons that expand when you click on them. Hamburger menus are helpful to design elements that allow users to see all content in one place instead of going to different pages. 

The Hamburger menus help in web design to make a website intuitive, easy to navigate & more visually appealing. It is most commonly seen on mobile devices when the user has scrolled down far enough that they no longer see all of the content on one page. 

10.Flat Design

Flat design is a style of graphic design that is minimal and has a two-dimensional feel. Flat design has been popularised by the Apple brand. 

In most cases, flat designs use bold colors and simple shapes to make them easy to understand at first glance.

Flat design does not just apply to the visual style. It is also about the entire user experience (UX). The goal of flat design is for users to easily understand what each element on your website does without reading much text or instructions on how they work together in order to function properly.


In this article, we’ve looked at a few of the elements that have helped shape modern web design. As you read up on this field and get into it more deeply, you’ll see that there’s always something new to learn about how to make your website look better for your users and for search engines alike.

Apart from the elements of modern web design we have discussed, you can see elements such as responsive web design, minimalist design

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    Do you want more traffic?

    Hi, we are an Australian digital agency doing groundbreaking work to help a business like yours reach its full potential.  My only question is will you qualify for our services?