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“There are two essential things to use Chat GPT: An open AI account & a web browser. Currently, Chat GPT doesn’t have a mobile app (Chatgpt app).” 

Chat GPT Tutorial for beginners

ChatGPT has rapidly become a global sensation, emerging as the fastest-growing application worldwide within a brief period. Amidst all the excitement about Chat GPT, it is natural to wonder, How to use Chat GPT? 

Using ChatGPT is easy, but the big question is: what can you do with it? This blog is a Chat GPT Tutorial for beginners to use Chat GPT like a Pro!

Let’s get started.

What is Chat GPT?

Chat GPT is an AI language model launched by OpenAI. It can understand & generate human-like responses to the questions it gets from users.

We published a series of blog articles about Chat GPT to help you get familiar with this amazing AI Chatbot. Refer to the blog articles below to learn What is Chat GPT?, how Chat GPT works & various scenarios you can use it. 

What is Chat GPT & how Chat GPT works 

Chat GPT for teachers | How teachers can use Chat GPT

Can I Use ChatGPT for Free? 

Yes, you can. OpenAI has made ChatGPT available for free. But, there are some restrictions with the free version, like limited usage during peak times.

Remember, ChatGPT might not stay free forever. Right now, it helps OpenAI gather feedback from users & motivate more people to use this AI language model in different fields.

How to Use Chat GPT in 3 Simple Steps:

1.Create your OpenAI account.

Creating your Open AI account is the 1st thing to start using Chat GPT. And guess what? It is free to create this account. 

1st go to First, go to the Open AI website & click the Signup option.

Chat GPT tutorial for beginners

You can use your email address or Google or Microsoft account to sign up. Using an email address will require phone verification.

how to use Chat GPT | create a Open AI account

2.Log into Chat GPT.

If you already have an Open AI account, click login and start using Chat GPT.


When you log into Chat GPT, you can see a screen like in the below image.

how to use Chat GPT

3.Start using Chat GPT.

The Chat GPT (Generative Pre-trained transformer) application is incredibly simple to use. 

Now you have an Openai account & can use Chat GPT. 1st, ask a question from Chat GPT. It could be anything you want to know about. Then click enter (the paper plane-looking icon)

how to use Chat GPT

Well, using Chat GPT will be very interesting for you. Let’s see how to use Chat GPT in various scenarios. This is how Chatgpt works.

For example, you need to write a 100-word blog article about Search Engine Optimization. You need to type a clear command in the search bar & hit enter. And this AI chatbot will give you blog posts within the blink of an eye.

Refer to the below image,

How do I use Chat GPT

What to do with Chat GPT responses?

Chatgpt writes amazing things according to your requirements. Once it generates a response, there are several things you can do. 

1.Copy the generated response.

If you like the Chat GPT’s response, you can share it anywhere you want. You can click the clipboard icon beside the response to copy it. Or you can select the answer & click Ctrl+C to copy the response.

2.Fine-tune the generated response.

Before sharing a response generated by ChatGPT, it’s essential to refine or adjust it as needed to make sure it’s accurate, appropriate, and well-suited for its intended purpose. This process is known as fine-tuning, and it helps ensure that the generated content is of high quality and meets specific requirements.

3.Regenerate the response.

If the response you receive from ChatGPT isn’t exactly what you’re hoping for and you’d like to stick with the same input or question, you can click on “Regenerate response.” 

This action prompts ChatGPT to generate a new response, hopefully giving you a different and potentially more suitable answer based on the same input. 

It’s a way to try again and get a response that better meets your needs or expectations without changing your original question.

Tips to use Chat GPT:

1.Be specific about the word count.

Mention the exact word count you want in the response Chat GPT gives. For example, type “Write a 100-word essay about Digital Marketing.” But as a good practice, give a higher word count than you need. Because then you can exclude what you don’t want & fine-tune to get perfect content.

2.Ask it to add more to the answer if you are not satisfied.

Sometimes, you may not be fully satisfied with its answers. In situations like that, you can ask it to add more, For example, you can command, “Please add more to this point.” Or you can mention a particular point within the answer & ask to explain more.

3.It has its limitations.

Even though Chat GPT is a powerful AI tool, it is not human. It has its limitations. So, sometimes the answers it provides can be false. It gives answers according to what it has trained previously. 

So, try to understand the limitations in accuracy. So, check the answers well before publishing anywhere.

4.Be more specific & clear

It is essential to provide a clear and concise request when using ChatGPT for the best results. Be as specific as to get the most optimum answers from Chat GPT. And don’t forget to include keywords.

The quality of the input that ChatGPT receives essentially determines how precise and suitable the responses it can deliver. So, being specific and using pertinent keywords raise the likelihood of getting the desired result.

5.You can rewrite the answers you got.

Do not be afraid to request a different formulation if you don’t like ChatGPT’s response. You can achieve this by asking for a rephrased response.

In essence, asking ChatGPT to rephrase its response helps you to learn another way of looking at something. That might lead to a more thorough understanding of the subject and a more satisfying answer to your question.

6.Include keywords to get SEO-friendly answers.

State the keywords you want to use in the answer, and Chat GPT will provide an SEO-friendly response. By entering these terms, Chat GPT will produce a response that contains them.

Basically, by providing Chat GPT with the pertinent keywords, you’ll let it create a response that complies with your SEO needs. Those looking to increase their online visibility and search engine ranking may find this feature to be of particular use.

7.Provide simple & straightforward requests

It’s best to send ChatGPT simple, direct requests for the best results. Use simple language and simple sentence structures instead of complex ones because these can mislead ChatGPT and lead to less accurate answers.

Essentially, if your requests are brief and clear, ChatGPT will be able to understand them and give more precise, relevant responses. ChatGPT’s comprehension of your request may be hampered by the use of complicated language or sentence constructions, which could produce unsatisfactory results.

8.Think outside of the box.

It’s crucial to use your creativity and come up with unique requests when using Chat GPT. Don’t restrict your research to conventional methods. Instead, think about approaching a topic from various standpoints, angles, or phrasings. 

For example, you can ask it to explain things with real-world examples, add punchlines & more.

Chat GPT is a flexible tool that can respond to a wide range of topics. You can access its extensive knowledge base and possibly find new insights or perspectives by thinking outside the box. 

This strategy can result in more creative and original responses, which could ultimately improve your knowledge of a subject.

Chat GPT: Transforming the AI world

ChatGPT is an impressive tool with incredible abilities that can change the way we do many tasks. It can help you find answers to questions, generate ideas for your projects, compose blog posts, articles, books, code, and much more.

To use this fascinating AI tool, all you need is a free OpenAI account and a web browser. Additionally, there’s a ChatGPT Plus version available that unlocks even more features and opportunities. With ChatGPT, the possibilities are limitless!

So, we hope you got a clear idea about how to use Chat GPT like a pro by using this Chat GPT Tutorial for beginners. Give Chat GPT a try and see what content you can produce. Remember, the possibilities are endless, and with Chat GPT as your ally, you’re sure to achieve great things! Happy creating with Chat GPT!

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    Do you want more traffic?

    Hi, we are an Australian digital agency doing groundbreaking work to help a business like yours reach its full potential.  My only question is will you qualify for our services?