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Increasing organic traffic has numerous benefits for businesses. To accomplish this, you must maintain a high search engine ranking. SEO reporting tools can help you reach optimum performance by allowing you to see your errors and possibilities by analyzing your SEO practices using the right metrics. This blog post explains the SEO reporting tools you can use for your website.

SEO Reporting Tools :Definition

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) reporting tools are digital systems that create reports on factors that help your website rank higher on SERP. SEO reporting tools have many features like tracking keyword usage, website traffic, URL compliance & more. 

You may do Search engine optimization on your own or get help from an SEO agency. No matter what, understanding the SEO reporting tool/SEO reporting software is essential.

Characteristics of SEO reporting tools:

1.Provide accurate information.

SEO reporting is all about data &  it’s critical that the software has access to precise information and up-to-date data. 

Data must be updated regularly so that you can make critical choices about where your client stands compared to the competition.

2.Variety of features.

Position tracking, Backlink vigilance, Competitor Data, and Analytics are all essential components of a strong SEO reporting tool.

For the application to function as full-suite digital marketing software, it would be advantageous if it had reporting many features. For example social media, email marketing, telephone monitoring, and/or paid advertisements.

3.Constantly improving & updating.

SEO is constantly evolving and needs to be improved. SEO reporting tools should do the same.As we move from website optimization to web presence optimization, the ability of reporting tools to incorporate new features becomes increasingly important.

4.Ability to customize reports.

The objectives & KPIs are different from business to business. It is critical to represent these in the SEO reports. The SEO reporting tools you use should be able to produce customized reports. 

5.White label reporting.

White-label reporting is not necessary.  But it does assist maintain branding consistency and lend a polished appearance to everything you send a client.

6.Automated report.

You can save time and money by having reports sent automatically regularly. Then  you can use those resources elsewhere.

SEO Reporting Tools: Free

1.Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free tool provided by Google. Google Analytics is a comprehensive tool that will meet the reporting and analysis requirements in many areas of marketing analytics.

You can use Google Analytics to track some SEO-related metrics and generate reports to assess your SEO performance.

Particularly in the Google context, Google Analytics is a powerful tool. Direct integration with all tools provides it an edge over the Google search engine in terms of SEO optimization.

SEO reporting tools

Pros of Google Analytics:

  1. Google Analytics can detect technical & performance issues & provide solutions for those. 
  2. Provides real-time analysis & reporting options for you to take instant reactions. 
  3. Offers direct support to Google Search Console.
  4. Completely free tool.

Cons of Google Analytics:

  1. Need technical background to use the tools for SEO reporting.
  2. Difficult for beginners to use the tool.
  3. Customization for reporting is limited.

2.Google Data Studio

Google Data Studio is a free tool. It requires technical knowledge & more time to set up than the other tools. But if you are familiar with Google Analytics, it will be easy. This is a good SEO reporting tool for agencies. 

You can integrate Google Data Studio with other Google tools like Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google Ads & YouTube.

SEO reporting tools

You can customize the reports with preferred KPIs & customer information. The initial setup will be more technical, but you can import reporting templates to save time. 

And you can create reporting templates to share among your clients. If you find it difficult to use this tool, you can refer to the tutorials provided by Google.

3.Google Search Console.

Google Search Console is Google’s free suite for SEO reports. It is a free tool & any website owner can get SEO reports for their website if they register on this tool. 

Google has added a new feature for Google Search Console & it is known as the Page Experience report. This feature is concerned with mobile-friendliness, loading speed, visual stability, engagement & website security. 

User experience SEO has grown in importance to Google and search engine rankings over the last few years. If your site does not comply with the list of user experience signals ,it will not rank higher.

SEO reporting tools

SEO Reporting Tools :For Agencies 


SEMRush is a popular SEO tool used by many SEO experts, digital marketers & business owners. SEMrush is a platform that facilitates analysis and decision-making in online marketing domains, including SEO, content marketing, and digital marketing.

SEMRush is a powerful keyword research & position tracking tool. You can get competitor discovery reports, location reports, competitor tracking & more. As a result, SEMRush is a good tool for those who want to stay ahead of competitors in SEO and social media campaigns.

SEO reporting tools

Popular brands like Apple, Tesla, and Samsung use the SEMRush tool for their search engine optimization. 

As an SEO reporting tool, SEMRush provides features like link building, competitor SEO analysis, Local SEO, On-page SEO, Rank tracking & keyword research. 

SEMRush provides three basic plans, but the price and content of each may vary depending on the number of users.

Each user’s price can skyrocket. SEMRush manages to appeal to a wide range of budgets by providing important components in the smallest package.

You can integrate SEMRush with platforms like WordPress, Pinterest, Facebook, Google Analytics & Google Search Console.

Pros of SEMRush:

  1. Gives comparative results in the competitor analysis.
  2. Customize reports quickly & easily.
  3. Information is in visuals & easy to understand. 
  4. Reports are easy to understand. 
  5. Constantly improving the tool according to user feedback. 

Cons of SEMRush:

1.SEMRush can be challenging, particularly if you are unfamiliar with the program.

  1. The limited size of the backlinking resources can occasionally make it tough to work on backlinks.
  2. Some people may find it challenging to understand because the layout and interface can change regularly.

2.Moz Pro

Moz provides essential tools to analyze & enhance your search engine optimization (SEO) performance. Moz has two options such as Moz Pro & Moz Local. 

Moz Local helps local businesses to list on search engines. Moz Pro is a comprehensive SEO reporting tool.

SEO reporting tools

Moz Pro has features such as link explorer, rank tracker, keyword explorer, site crawler, custom reports, and page optimizer. You can integrate this tool with HubSpot Marketing grader & Linkody. 

Moz Pro comes in four different packages. The usage limits on each page vary.Almost every plan has the same set of features. The amount of use, however, varies, and their limits are strict. Except for the Standard plan, all plans include unlimited reporting options.

Pros of Moz Pro:

  1. The keyword tracker tool is reliable and powerful. It also has excellent filtering capabilities.
  2. The On-Page Grader makes the process of enhancing content easier than ever before.
  3. It has an advanced but simple analytics tool for gaining SEO information and insight.

Cons of Moz Pro:

  1. It is difficult to switch between features. This less organization causes you to waste time when performing complex tasks.
  2. The rate at which data is updated could be increased.
  3. Certain features have a very low limit, and it is not possible to increase this limit.  Instead, you must upgrade the entire package for a single feature you use frequently.

3.SE Rankings

SE Ranking is one of the most affordable SEO reporting tools for agencies. SE Ranking’s plans start at $7 per month. Agencies who manage multiple websites can use the $39 per month plan. 

Setting up this tool is really easy because they provide tutorial guides through the process.

SEO reporting tools

SE Ranking has a set of SEO-related tools like existing & previous position tracking, keyword suggestion tools, competitor SEO research, backlink exploring tool & more.  SE Ranking is integrated with Zapier & it allows you to connect more than 1000 apps. SE Ranking is overall an effective SEO reporting tool for agencies.

4.Agency Analytics

Agency Analytics is an excellent beginner’s reporting tool for agencies. It is one of the most cost-effective and easy to use tools on this list for micro to mid-sized agencies. 

The plans of Agency Analytics start at $49 per month. This plan has unlimited staff & client logins, white-label reporting & automated reporting. You can purchase additional campaign & keyword credits if you want.

SEO reporting tools

You have the ability to integrate with 30+ third-party platforms like Google Search Console, email marketing software, and more. 

Agency Analytics helps your clients to log in & see the daily data updates. It increases the real-time transparency. And it generates automated reports & you can customize those reports.

Final Thought 

If you own or manage a website, you are familiar with the whole concept of SEO. And you are well aware of the importance of SEO for your business. If you want to know more about SEO, you can refer to our blog article on the ultimate guide to SEO. 

Anyway, this blog post is not about SEO. It is about the SEO reporting tools for SEO. Using the best SEO reporting tools (SEO reporting software) is essential if you want to increase your organic traffic. 

You may think, “why do I need SEO reporting tools? I can do it manually”. Well, if you do it manually, you will realize how hard it is & it is a waste of time. Plus, you will not get optimum results. 

That is why identifying the SEO reporting tools is important. 

There are free SEO reporting tools as well as paid ones. Choosing a reporting tool should be based on your requirements & needs. I hope this blog post gave you a good understanding of the SEO reporting tools for your business. 

If you like to get assistance for your Search Engine Optimization efforts, our team at DigiFix is more than happy to help you. Our team is a skilled team who has helped many companies with their SEO & brought them to a higher organic ranking on search engines.

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Hi, we are an Australian digital agency doing groundbreaking work to help a business like yours reach its full potential.  My only question is will you qualify for our services?

    Do you want more traffic?

    Hi, we are an Australian digital agency doing groundbreaking work to help a business like yours reach its full potential.  My only question is will you qualify for our services?