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Traditional Marketing Vs Digital Marketing – Pros and ConsFebruary 16, 2021

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Content – Traditional Marketing Vs Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Services

Pros and Cons of Digital Marketing Services

Pros and Cons of Traditional Marketing Services



Digital Marketing Services is a new and improved method of marketing. Simply, marketing is anything that involves identifying customer problems or gaps in the market to ultimately offering a solution to the said problems. There are a number of activities and processes in between such as research, product development and promotions etc.

In the early days, all these activities were conducted using traditional methods which consumed a lot of time and cost a lot of money. For an example, if a business wanted to get a thorough understanding of their target audience, they had to conduct manual interviews and surveys and this took months and yet sometimes it was hard to guarantee the accuracy of the collected data. 

Today with the advancement of technology, this has become much easier. Your customers are just a click away from you. Many platforms and tools are available to identify and analyze the behavior of your target audience. 

However, it is very important to find the right balance between traditional and digital marketing when creating a marketing strategy for a business. Because there are pros and cons to both these types of marketing.

In this article, we will discuss  Traditional marketing vs Digital Marketing, their similarities, differences, pros, cons and how you can find the perfect balance of them.

Digital Marketing Services


Simply digital marketing is conducting marketing activities via digital tools. With the advancements in technology and more and more people actively using the internet, digital marketing has become a crucial element of a business. However, it is important to keep in mind that digital marketing is also a part of the overall marketing plan and should focus on achieving the overall marketing objectives.

When talking about digital marketing, most people think about the website or the Facebook page. But there’s much more to digital marketing such as SEO, PPC, social media, content marketing, email marketing, Social media marketing, affiliate marketing, performance based marketing, video marketing etc.

One of the main reasons why digital marketing has become so popular today is that businesses have control over many aspects such as the budget, target audience and the nature of the marketing materials. If you are a small business or a start-up, you can just create a digital marketing campaign to match your budget and will not have to spend big bucks. 

And digital marketing has made measuring the actual results of the campaign very easy and accurate. Businesses can monitor and evaluate the performance of their marketing activities to the tiniest details and make the required changes.

Not like traditional methods, In digital marketing, we can do performance-based marketing using performance marketing strategy and performance marketing channels. It will help to increase the conversion rate and customer base. In Digital marketing,  Content creation is most important when developing promotional materials for product and services.

Digital marketing

Pros and Cons of Digital Marketing


  • Cost-effective: Digital marketing is comparatively cheaper than traditional marketing
  • More control: Users have more control over the marketing activities including the budget, creatives, targeting audiences etc.
  • Easy to measure: Digital marketing campaigns can be easily monitored and analysed through platforms like Google Analytics. Any type of information regarding the performance of the campaigns such as the audience segments that are converting and not, the best performing geo-locations, the cost incurred on different segments, best performing time slots etc.
  • Easy to make changes: Unlike traditional marketing, making changes or taking corrective actions is not difficult or time-consuming in digital marketing. And with accurate information about the performance, you know exactly what to do to improve the performance.
  • Shareable: Most of the digital marketing content is easy to share. This creates a multiplier effect helping the brand to gain more followers and ultimately improving sales.
  • Precise targeting: Businesses can target the exact audience that they want through detailed targeting options like age, income group, gender, interests, online behavior, location, products and services that they use etc.
  • International: Through digital marketing, you can target anyone anywhere in the world easily.
  • High interaction: Digital marketing enables people to actually engage and interact with businesses. These platforms allow customers to share their feedback and raise their concerns while enabling businesses to directly provide answers to customer problems, alleviate misconceptions and create a loyal customer base.


  • Security and privacy issues: With people’s personal data being out there in open has increased the risk of privacy.
  • Skills and training: There is a multitude of digital marketing tools and platforms and almost all businesses are using them today. Therefore, businesses must ensure that their staff has the training and technical skills that are required for a successful digital marketing campaign.
  • Time-consuming: There are a lot of technical aspects and processes involved with digital marketing such as researching for keywords, optimizing, analyzing audiences etc. and this requires a significant amount of time.
  • Negative word of mouth: Online reviews are one of the main sources that people refer to before making a purchase decision and directly affect the sales and the brand name of the business. And it is proved that people tend to share their negative experiences more than their positive experiences. This can affect the brand negatively and will take a long time to recover.
  • High competition: While there are many advantages of being able to reach a global audience, the competition of the international businesses that cater to the same market can impact your performance.
  • Technology is constantly evolving: Digital marketing is highly dependent on technology. Businesses would have to constantly monitor and update their campaigns and platforms based on the updates in technology.

Pros and Cons of Traditional Marketing


  • Can reach a mass audience: By using mediums like television and newspapers, a mass audience can be addressed.
  • Marketing materials are durable: Materials like newspapers and magazines are durable and available to customers whenever they want to refer to them. 
  • Easy to reach a local audience: If you are targeting a local audience, reaching them via radio or television would be the most effective and the quickest way.
  • Easy to understand: Most people are familiar with traditional marketing and an explanation is not needed regarding promotional materials.


  • Lack of interaction: Traditional marketing is a one-way communication where businesses communicate their offerings hoping people will buy them.
  • Expensive: Traditional media like TV, radio and newspapers are very expensive compared to digital media.
  • Difficult to measure the returns: It is very challenging to get an accurate picture of the performance of an advertisement because there are no numbers to work with.
  • Can not customise the messages: Traditional marketing doesn’t allow to share customised messages to different audience segments.

There is no doubt that we live in an advanced time and the use of technology has gone vast and keeps updating every single minute. There is a continuous debate where some believe that digital marketing has dominated over traditional marketing, whereas others consider that traditional marketing is the way to go.

However, as businesses what we have to understand is that we need a perfect mix of both traditional and digital marketing if we are to succeed. In order to identify the balance of these two methods, the first thing a business should do is to identify the business. The marketing efforts, types of promotional materials, the platforms to be used can vary from one business to another based on the products and services that they offer, type of the business, the target audience etc.

Since now you know all the positive things about both traditional and digital marketing, make use of both to get the maximum results through your marketing campaigns.

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