In this digital era, every business is focused on web design and development services. Every business requires a website to expand its business, brand image and to address a wide range of customers. Getting a website requires time and money. Here are 9 simple things to think about before getting a website for your business to avoid any unforeseen consequences?

Purpose of the website 

The first thing about getting a website is to decide its purpose. It would be the best if you have a clear idea about the goal of your website and the information it will provide to the user.

For example, a website has several goals, information or call to actions (CTA). The user can feel overwhelmed, confused or dragged towards many directions. It results in a lousy sight design and user experience (UX) as well.

Consider your website as an employee. If you assign him to check the tickets of the customers, collect money, check on the daily sales and also to serve popcorn, he will not be able to give his fullest contribution to either one of tasks and you might not be able to achieve the expected outcome. It is the same with a website. If you are not clear on the purpose of each page of the website and just include all types of information, you won’t be able to get the optimum results from the website. UX designers can assist you in creating the user experience design of the website.

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It would be best if you prioritize your Web site goals by considering the web design and development Services. Below are some examples that may assist you in finalizing your website goal :


  • Want to Focus on increasing products sales 
  • Make people regular to read your blog 
  • Want to educate people about something specific 
  • Want to enhance awareness about a product or brand identity 
  • Do you focus on increasing customer’s sign up 
  • Do you want visitors to call you  

By prioritising your goals, you can prioritise your different conversion points. For an instant, your contact page, blog page, booking forms or shopping cart etc.


Acknowledge issues of the previous website 

The usual mistake while getting a new website is to ignore the issues with the old website. Businesses prefer to create websites with fresh content when their current website gets too old. They forget to address the problems of the old one to improve the new website.

Therefore, list all the issues of your old website and provide it to your website design professional, so that the history will not repeat. Here are some common problems with old websites such as large text or inadequate content management system, lack of high-quality images, bad visuals or page loads problem or loading speed issue etc.


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Always keep in mind to address the positives of your old website. If you have a lot of information to put on the website, talk to your website designer to figure out different ways to put that information or increase the number of pages on your website.

What makes you Extraordinary?

There are several professionally designed websites and some of them have that unique trait that makes them better than others. You have to figure out what makes your website unique to compete with others.

Although you think that your services are the best, this only matters if your website depicts those services. There are some examples given below for unique selling statements:

  • Find out the better way to grow 
  • We serve Anything, Anytime and Anywhere 
  • Australia’s most popular cosmetics products 
  • Money-back guarantee and free return

These are some examples of how you search through to unpack your remarkable unique statement of selling the services that differ you from others as well.


Know your clients before getting a website 

Every business has its category of audience. It is the an essential aspect of a website to define your target audience. In the end, you are building a website for people and not for yourself. Knowing your audience decides various factors in website design such as user interfaces or the addition of visuals and information. 

Analyse and understand what attracts them to purchase products. At the same time, what motivates them to spend money and what are their ambitions. Understanding of such aspects enhances your market.  

Prepare your web traffic strategy

It is very crucial to prepare a plan for increasing web traffic on your website. There are various ways that businesses are using to enhance their website traffic. It includes advertisements on television, radio, social media platforms and search engine optimisation (SEO).

Moreover, improving voice search content can make a difference as 46% of people use it daily. Starting campaigns on social media marketing can boost your web traffic. At the same time, if you have a plan ready to target the market before your website launch that works like icing on the cake.  

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Note down your likes and dislikes about websites 

There are a vast number of different website designs. Not all designs are a perfect fit for your business. Hence it is essential to conduct a proper research document all the likes and dislikes about different websites and how each of them can assist in achieving the purpose of the website. 

It will provide you insights into what you want on your website and what doesn’t. You can discuss this with your website design team. For instant have a look to given points:

  • Make a visualisation in your mind about how you want the new website to be. 
  • Keep analysing whether this is appropriate to your business goals and values.
  • Analyse if your website goals are realistic as per your budget 

Who is responsible for Website management?

Every website requires time to time management, and your work does not finish after getting a website. It requires proper management to work smoothly. Website management includes regular updates, updating new products and services of the business. Not only this, changes in visual design or updates, creating or adding new pages, changes in existing content.

All these continuous improvements on the website help you to attract more visitors while retaining the existing customers. Therefore, always invest enough time and effirt to manage your website by discussing with your web designer. You can get the advise from your web design team on how to mange and maintain the website.

Website conversions

Building a website for your business is not enough, but you need to check whether the visitors are converting. Website conversions are not only enhancing the sales, but also necessary to complete the purpose of the website. For an instant, high conversion template or framework that clearly describe your goals and CTA.  


Google Analytics is the ideal platform to get an overall understanding on the performance of the website. You can monitor the website performance in detail under different categories such as the performance of your landing pages, the composition of your audience, the traffic brought to the site through different devices, the performance of your paid campaigns etc. This helps you to understand the areas of the website that needs to be improved and the opportunities that you can utilize to grow your business.

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Invest a significant amount of time and effort in the above mentioned activities and make sure that you will have the perfect website for your business.

Do you want more traffic?

Hi, we are an Australian digital agency doing groundbreaking work to help a business like yours reach its full potential.  My only question is will you qualify for our services?

    Do you want more traffic?

    Hi, we are an Australian digital agency doing groundbreaking work to help a business like yours reach its full potential.  My only question is will you qualify for our services?