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For digital marketers, social media marketing has become a tremendous tool. Marketing, customer service, and internet sales are all driven by it, regardless of the size of the company or its budget.


Consider what life was like two decades ago, compared to now. Even the word “social media” had not even been established at the time, much alone the huge influence it has had on people’s daily lives. Only a few platforms had been established (most of which are now defunct, such as Friendster and Orkut), and they all had a single purpose: to interact with friends and family members.

The use of social media for marketing and customer acquisition was not commonplace back then. Businesses rely on out-of-date marketing strategies such as magazine advertisements and door-to-door sales. To advertise a brand to the whole globe without spending a lot of money first looked impracticable, if not impossible to do.

With the increased usage of social media platforms, the tables have been turned on people. According to Statista, social media will be used by 45 percent of the world’s population by 2020. As a result, it should go without saying that advertising your business on social media platforms is essential these days. Taking social media seriously may do wonders for a company’s reputation.

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Who uses social media for marketing?

While social media marketing may be beneficial for any company, there are some kinds of firms that are better suited for marketing on social media platforms. Some social media networks, like Facebook and Instagram, are geared toward B2C audiences, while LinkedIn is geared toward B2B customers. However, any company may utilize any platform since it all comes down to where the customers are and how they choose to consume material in the first place.

It’s something that many direct sales organizations have mastered: being excellent at content production and establishing a following of followers. A number of businesses, including Pampered Chef, Park Lane Jewelry, and LuLaRoe, utilize online platforms to promote their goods. Also recently released on Amazon Video was a four-part documentary about LuLaRoe’s history and success. However, owing to dubious business methods, the company’s social media appeal has waned over the years, despite the fact that it has hundreds of thousands of followers on social media.

Developing a successful social media marketing plan might be a difficult task to do. It is a talent that should be designed and performed with the same care and consideration as any marketing campaign or approach.

Social Media

Social Media Marketing Tips for Attracting More Clients 

When social media marketing initially became popular, younger staff were in charge of running the accounts. It used to be widely thought that all it took to be a successful social media marketer was for someone to be a frequent user of social media.

01. Define goals and objectives

The definition of goals and objectives for utilizing social media platforms may help marketers start enhancing their social media marketing success. It is preferable to connect the objectives of this strategy with those of the company as a whole. It will also be easier to evaluate the performance of social media marketing activities if these objectives are established.

Businesses should set SMART goals, which are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound, to achieve their objectives. Make a list of your goals and try to follow them as a guideline while executing all of your campaigns. Examples of such items might include the following:

  • Increasing web traffic from social media by 15% in the next six months.
  • Converting 15% more leads next month from Twitter

02. Know your Target Audience

    It’s helpful for businesses to collect customer data. This data reveals who is purchasing and how they connect with a company online.

    Marketers should explore consumer channels after defining their target demographic. Instagram is a great way for a fashion brand to reach its target demographic. A business-focused SaaS startup will turn to LinkedIn. Businesses should invest time where their target audience spends time on social media.

    03. Select your social media platforms wisely

    It is not necessary to be active on every social media site; what matters is that you make an impact on the ones where you are. It’s without a doubt one of the best social media marketing ideas out there.

    It’s not so much about the quantity as it is about the quality! Putting out low-quality content will simply exacerbate the problem.

    Instead, do research and create a social media plan that is consistent with your goals and attractive to your target audience. Concentrate on the platforms preferred by your target audience.

    04. Develop or align with a content strategy

    Business social media material should be well-planned. Marketers shouldn’t post merely to post. Brands may use social media to spread their message. Multichannel marketing is when a prospect or customer receives comparable messaging and promotions across channels.

    Organizations should guarantee that material produced elsewhere may be reused for social media. Businesses should promote new blogs on social media many times. To maximize yield, marketers should spread promotional material out across many weeks. For new deals and content with a gate, Marketers should post material when a new offer starts. When a new webinar or white paper is planned, organizations should launch a multi-week marketing campaign to promote it.

    05. Publish content consistently

    Consistency is the worst social media management trait. If you invest time and money in a platform, it should be taken seriously and have a steady stream of material. People follow a brand or a page because they like the content. Consistent posting develops brand power and consumer loyalty. As a result, more people will know about the brand.

    Consistent posting fills the timetable. When the publishing schedule slows and there is a lack of fresh material, it is beneficial to recycle old articles and give them a new spin. This is also an excellent moment to be personal with the audience.

    06. Use visuals to tell a story

    Despite the fact that text postings are an excellent method to deliver information, photos and videos have been shown to enhance engagement. Using the built-in capabilities of Instagram and Facebook, you may produce films without having to purchase costly production equipment. However, care should be used while using these technologies. Marketers should take care to ensure that videos shared on a company’s Facebook page are of high quality.

    There are several graphic design tools available to assist in the creation of high-quality graphics for use on social networking platforms. Although having a creative eye is always advantageous, tools like Canva and Visme make it simple to produce photographs in the appropriate size for social media networks.

    07. Monitor what people are saying and build relationships

    Followers on social media networks are more likely to connect with companies directly. This is a fantastic chance for social media managers to build strong connections with their target audiences via their platforms. Consumers sometimes contact us with negative feedback, but more often than not, they have a positive experience to share with others. A brand’s response and engagement are more valued in any circumstance, as well as in a variety of other situations.

    Social listening technologies are also useful for tracking, analyzing, and responding to discussions that take place on the internet. Users may not send a direct message or write to a brand directly, but they may write about a brand in general. It is beneficial for organizations to have social listening technologies in place so that they can discover where their customers are and what they are talking about.

    Following are some pointers to consider while establishing these kinds of interactions on social media:

    • Reacting to comments and direct messages.
    • Retweeting and reposting important material and accomplishments. 
    • Utilizing social media for customer service questions and responding to reviews and complaints.
    • Responding in a timely way is an example of good customer service practice.

    08. Make use of tools for scheduling and automation.

    In addition to reacting to the community, maintaining connections, and generating fresh content, marketers have a lot on their plates these days. The use of scheduling and automation technologies, on the other hand, may significantly reduce the amount of time spent on tasks.

    Marketing teams may plan, schedule, and analyze their social media success with the help of tools like Hootsuite, Sprout Social, and Sprinklr, among others. It could be a good idea to plan out future articles in advance, both in terms of generating them and scheduling them. This frees up social media managers’ time, allowing them to devote less effort to crafting individual posts that are more in line with the overall content strategy.

    09. Use analytics

    Each social media site has its own set of built-in analytics capabilities. Who follows a page, which posts have the most interaction, and the best time to publish are all indicators that can be monitored to help marketers develop more effective social media marketing campaigns.

    The use of analytics will also aid in the identification of any changes in the core audience. This will offer information on the channels that a marketing team should employ to communicate with their target buyer personas, which will be beneficial. It may also give information about the items and services that a customer is interested in learning more about.

    10. Catching the Trends and Follow the competitions 

    Marketers must stay up to the ever-changing social media environment. Each social media network is constantly tweaking its algorithms and posting guidelines. Keeping up with these developments allows marketers to target the appropriate consumers with the correct material.

    Another strategy is to keep an eye on the competition. Marketing managers may assess their market readiness by observing their competitors’ actions. Marketers may also monitor how competitors connect with their own audience.


    Using your social media channels effectively opens the door to attracting new customers and maintaining existing ones.This blog post gives you a clear understanding how to do it.  You should live by the philosophy of having a plan, taking it seriously, and putting it into action.

    If you need any help in creating your Social media marketing campaigns, our team at Digifix is more than happy to help you. 

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    Do you want more traffic?

    Hi, we are an Australian digital agency doing groundbreaking work to help a business like yours reach its full potential.  My only question is will you qualify for our services?

      Do you want more traffic?

      Hi, we are an Australian digital agency doing groundbreaking work to help a business like yours reach its full potential.  My only question is will you qualify for our services?