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Customer feedback is like a treasure to your company. Business owners who consider customer feedback will improve their business quickly. This blog post discusses how to use customer feedback to grow your business. 

What is Customer Feedback?

Any response (negative or positive) you get from your customers related to your products, services, or brand is customer feedback. Customers give these responses according to their experience with your products or services. 

How to Use Customer Feedback to Grow Your Business

Brands that invite & implement customer feedback are viewed favorably by 77% of customers (Microsoft State of Global Customer Service Report).  

Customer feedback comes in many forms & covers a wide range of things. You can categorize customer feedback into two parts by type & by focus area. 

Customer feedback can also direct at various aspects of your business. Categorizing them according to how it relates to your company helps you utilize them in the areas where it’s useful.

  1. Customer satisfaction- This feedback relates to customers’ perception of your brand. More general & covers every part of your organization. 
  2. Product feedback- This feedback focuses on your offerings, products, or services.
  3. Customer Service- Customer service feedback refers to how well your staff is able to solve problems or respond to questions. It can also shed information on the overall consumer experience using your feedback procedure.

How to collect customer feedback?

Customer Feedback helps you to learn about your customers’ needs & wants. Then you can enhance your offerings to improve customer experience. 

So, your company should have a feedback collection process to collect feedback from your customers. 

In the past, companies used to collect feedback through long forms. But these days, people don’t like to spend a long time filling out survey forms. So you have to find more effective methods to collect customer feedback. 

Following are some effective ways to collect customer feedback.

  1. Feedback buttons.

The feedback button is a visible button on your websites & social media profiles that help people submit their feedback. 

People don’t like to waste much time providing feedback even though they need to express their experience with a brand. 

There are many benefits of using feedback buttons for your business. You can get ideas & concerns about your products from your customers. 

And you can identify usability issues from feedback. Plus, your customers have the chance to provide their feedback without much effort. 

  1. Email 

One of the simplest ways to obtain genuine client feedback is via email. Because most organizations utilize it as a support channel, you can use each encounter to gather feedback.

Simply asking for a genuine reaction from a consumer is the greatest approach to getting one. You can ask for more personal feedback than in a survey because email allows you to convey a one-to-one request.

3.Net Promoter Score.

The Net Promoter Score Survey, also known as the NPS survey, is a short and straightforward survey that takes about 15-20 seconds to complete. When compared to surveys that take 15-20 minutes to complete, it is incredibly effective.

Adding a follow-up question about the explanation for the score, in addition to the main question, makes it much more effective. It provides a clear direction for the acts that must be taken in the future.

  1. Collect feedback right after an interaction with a customer.

Obtaining customer feedback soon after providing a service or making a purchase is critical because it helps you get feedback while the consumer’s experience is still fresh in their thoughts.

You can ask through a phone or send a text message to receive the feedback. 

For example, When you attend a Google Meet call, & after you end the call, you get a pop-up to rate the call. 

The feedback you receive helps improve your products/ services & give a better customer experience. 

You can ask for feedback using live chat, email follow-ups, online survey & articles.

How to use customer feedback to grow your business.

Now we have come to the most important part of this blog post. How to use customer feedback to grow your business is what you should focus on now. 

1.Identify customer pain points & solve those.

When you collect feedback, you can identify the issues your customers experience while using your product. You should analyze feedback from customers to identify their pain points.  Try to solve those issues to improve customer experience. 

For example, a company that owns an app for online transactions always receives negative feedback related to issues customers face, like a slow app & hard to use.

So, the company decided to do research & improve the functionality of the app to give a better user experience.

But if that company doesn’t care about customer feedback & continues to keep the issues, it will lose its customer base. 

Due to this reason, business owners should continue collecting customer feedback from their target audience. 

  1. Uncover hidden needs.

Identifying the hidden needs of your customers is essential to growing your business. You can uncover the hidden needs by using customer feedback.

Sometimes customers do not know what they actually need. So you have to identify the hidden needs & trigger them. 

For example, a fast-food delivery company delivers only in the daytime. They do not deliver food at night time.

But in customer feedback, the company receives complaints about the food getting cold when they eat late, no dinner options, etc. 

So the company identified that its customers prefer a dinner menu as well. So, the company decided to launch a dinner menu to be delivered in the evening & night. 

As business owners, you should pay attention to customer feedback to identify potential business opportunities.

3.Product Innovation.

Your customers are the ones that actually use your products. Because of that, they can have many innovative ideas for your product. Sometimes they have creative ideas that you haven’t even thought of before. 

So, the customer feedback you receive has valuable insights for your product improvement. 

Often popular brands use customer feedback to improve their products. Uber, LEGO, Pizza hut & many more brands have come this far with the help of their customer feedback. 

Adding what customers suggest to your product will make customers feel better. Plus, it will increase user experience. 

When you collect feedback, you can directly ask your customers what they prefer,  What they think that should be within your product & what improvements should be made for your product. 

4.Improve Customer satisfaction & retention. 

If you have a satisfied customer base, it will be the best achievement as a business owner. 

Satisfied customers like to spend more money & they will recommend it to others. 

So, how can you identify if your customers are satisfied or unsatisfied? The easiest way is to get customer feedback. Customer feedback helps to identify your unhappy customers & the issues they face. 

When you improve your product & address those issues, your unhappy customers will turn into happy customers. And also, you will build a long-term relationship with customers. 

5.Bring Customers into the decision-making process. 

The success of a business depends on its customers majorly. Customers are the most valuable part of your business. 

You should make them feel they are an important part of your business.

When you collect feedback from your customers, they will feel they are included in the decision-making process. When you ask for their opinions, product ideas & suggestions, they feel valued. 

6.Prioritize Customer Feedback.

As a business, you will receive hundreds of reviews from your target audience. You cannot focus on all the feedback at once. So, you have to prioritize the most important ones first. 

When you prioritize feedback, you can create better plans to act on it. You can prioritize feedback based on urgency, frequency & value. 

Urgency means prioritizing the urgent feedback that needs attention immediately. For example, a restaurant receives negative  feedback related to its bad customer service from the staff. 

Customers say the staff is too harsh & don’t respect the customers. And they don’t give a friendly service. These are urgent feedback. The restaurant should immediately act on this feedback & train the staff to provide better service. 

If many people repeat the same thing on feedback, it has a high frequency. You should pay attention to high-frequency feedback first.  

Based on these three factors, you should focus on customer feedback to grow your business. 

7.Share customer feedback with your team. 

You should share the feedback you received with your team members. Feedback can be related to different parts of your organization. You’ll need a quick and easy way to share information with other departments.

Feedback with high importance should be shared in real-time. Happy customers’ low-priority praise, on the other hand, could only need to be shared weekly.

Use a centralized area like your CRM system to store comments and changes.

  1. Display positive customer feedback.

You provide social proof to others when you display customer feedback on your website & social media. When people see that positive feedback, they feel more comfortable buying from you. 

To highlight the positive feedback you’re most proud of on your website. Customers appreciate it when you show that you care about their opinions and admiration.

Make sure to keep this feedback up to date so that you can always incorporate new consumers.

  1. Build & maintain relationships with customers. 

Collecting feedback, analyzing them & taking necessary actions to go towards a core goal. When you think about how to use customer feedback to grow your business, you make the first step to creating a relationship with your target audience.

Your loyal clients are the ones you want to retain since they’re the ones who will tell their friends and family about your company. They’ll also give you the most honest feedback because they like you to win.


As a business, it is your job to follow up with clients who provide feedback. If you don’t, they won’t provide feedback afterward, and you will be more likely to fail as a firm. You will not be capturing both positive and negative feedback from your customers.

I hope you got a sound understanding of how to use customer feedback to grow your business. If you need any digital marketing-related services, our team at DigiFix is more than happy to help you. 

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    Do you want more traffic?

    Hi, we are an Australian digital agency doing groundbreaking work to help a business like yours reach its full potential.  My only question is will you qualify for our services?