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Everyone who visits your website does not convert to your customer. High traffic does not mean a high conversion rate. So, how to attract more customers from the traffic you already have on your website?

Here are the major 4 reasons for low website conversion rate.

Many organizations invest in Search Engine Optimization, Google Ads, Social Media, Blogging, Ux Designs, and other strategies to increase traffic on their website. 

Increase in traffic does not mean that the website conversion rate will improve. This raises two questions:

  • What are the possible reasons that prevent a website from conversions?
  • How can the conversion rate of a website be optimized?

1. Are Your Contact Details Difficult to Locate?

  • Contact details are at the end of the web page
  • Contact details are not visible
  • Not having contact details on the website

Your contact details are the only way your customers can interact with you. If your contact details are way down on your lengthy website, visitors need to scroll all the way down to get your phone number or email address. Therefore, many users get irritated and they opt to leave the website, instead of juggling to find a way to contact you. 

Similarly, if your contact details are available but are not visible enough. It also forces the users to go through to every bit on your website to find your contact.

One of the reasons for low website conversion rate is not having contact details on the website. Let us say that you removed your contact details from your website due to any reason. The reason might be due to a high number of customer complaints, or not having an employee to answer the queries. But, this makes you fraudulent, and you lose their trust. 

Obviously, if anyone purchases a product from your website or uses any of the services you are providing. If they find an issue with the product/service then whom will they contact? These kinds of thoughts push the target audience away and stop your website from generating leads.

2. Is Your Website Way More Informative?

  • Large paragraphs of text
  • No bullet points in paragraphs
  • Poor presentation
  • Not conveying your message

 Although, you have many things to say about your products or services, keep in mind that your potential customers are not interested in reading a book. 

It is highly recommended to use bullet points in long paragraphs, subject lines, and search terms for conversion rate optimisation. You can also use content creation and keyword research tools to optimise search results.

Additionally, if you have lots of information on your website that too in paragraphs, there are fewer chances that people will stay on your website and purchase anything. 

Poor presentation of information is also a hurdle in your way of generating sales from the website due to low website conversion rate. There is a fact behind this, anything that does not look beautiful to your eyes is not going to make its presence in your mind.

To optimize your website, you should present information in an easy to find manner using interaction designs. Visual designs can be used to create user interfaces to meet customer expectations.

Last but not the least, you are not conveying your message to your potential customers. If visitors at your website are unable to understand what you want to say then they are not going to become your sales lead. Therefore, it is vital to keep information on your website short and crisp to convert visitors into a sales lead.

3. Does Your Website Take More Time to Load?

  • Website loading time is 6-7 seconds
  • Images take a long time to load

How you will feel if on entering the URL of a specific website, instead of viewing the homepage of the website you are seeing a blank page with a moving circle. You might prefer to wait for a few seconds for the page to appear. But around 22% of users leave the website if the loading time exceeds 5 seconds. Therefore, the best converting homepage is required for rewarding user experience.

Reason for low Website Conversion Rate

One of the major reasons for low website conversion rate is the high loading time of images/videos or partial loading. This also results in the slow speed of a website. Cutting down the number of images on the website increases its speed. 

If you cannot reduce the number of videos, at least trim them as trimmed videos get loaded in less amount of time as compared to original videos. Reducing the loading time of your website directly impacts traffic on your website. It helps in providing a better customer experience. 

4. The inadequate Proportion of Calls to Action (CTAs) can also be reason for less website conversion rate

If you have a website for your online business and does not have any call to action element that means you are stopping your visitors to become your customers. There is no use of having a website without any CTA.

It does not matter what type of online business you are doing, and who you defined as your target, you must have CTAs on your website. 

There is no doubt that every industry has its own style of CTAs, but adding CTAs on the website is important regardless of CTA type to improve your conversion rate.  For instance, you can use sign up form, contact details form, buy now button, read more, shop, and many other types of CTAs on your website according to your industry. 

Basically, you are giving visitors or your potential customers something to click for action by using CTAs. You should have a content strategy to implement CTAs and other content on your website for better conversions.

However, adding less or abundance of CTAs both has a negative impact. Thus, it is important to use an adequate amount of CTAs for conversion rate optimisation. Because, if you add too many CTAs, your bounce rate can go high due to confusing users.

 A high bounce rate slowdowns conversions and sales. CTAs can also be used on landing pages to increase conversions from email marketing campaigns, google ads, email newsletters, content marketing strategies.

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