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Within 7 minutes of your valuable time, this blog explains about 10 remote working tools you need when working from home.

Covid 19 Pandemic situation has made a huge change in the way companies operate. The pandemic first rose in 2020. This year is the year 2022, but still, we hear news about Covid 19. 

In the first wave of Covid 19, people had to stay at home & there was a social distancing. So, companies had to find a way to adjust to the situation. 

That is when this Remote working or Work from home concept became popular. A small percentage of companies were already working remotely. But other companies had no idea what to do. 

When working from home became the new normal, companies around the world had to find tools to help them. 

Still, many companies follow the remote working method. So, having an idea about remote working tools is essential. In this blog article, I explained about Top 10 remote working tools. 

For ease of reading, I have categorized these remote working tools into four categories: Communication & collaboration tools, project management tools, time tracking tools & asset management tools. 


remote working tools

Zoom became popular during the Covid-19 pandemic & many companies, schools & universities utilized Zoom to connect with others. Millions of companies & brands around the world trust Zoom. 

In the Zoom app, you have the following options,

Create recurring meetings, record meetings & screen sharing. You can use the whiteboard to present anything. In the free version, You can host up to 100 participants in a meeting. 

These meetings will sync with your calendar. And schedule meetings directly from Gmail, Outlook, or iCal. 

You can send private messages or messages to the whole team within a Zoom meeting. And there is a breakout room option for team tasks. 

remote working tools

You can use Zoom with your desktop or laptop or the Zoom mobile app on android & iPhones. 

remote working tools

2.Dial Pad

Dial Pad is also among the best communication tools for remote teams. It has a free plan in which you can have unlimited video conferences. 

Since Dial Pad has Voice Intelligence, participants don’t need to take notes. Instead, they can focus on the meeting & conversations. When you didn’t attend a meeting, you can get a transcription of that meeting. 

You can join Dial Pad meetings with any device like Android, PC & Laptop. 

And Dial Pad has easy screen sharing with any device. You can invite others to your screen share using a web browser by including a link in an SMS message that you can send using Dialpad!

This is a great communication & collaboration tool for remote working companies. 

3.Microsoft Office Teams

Microsoft Office teams is a popular tool for taking meetings among team members. It is a user-friendly remote working tool that helps you to maintain good communication between your team. 

Following are some functions offered by Microsoft Teams,

  • Microsoft Office notifies team members about ongoing projects & tasks. This tool helps to stay focused & prevent distractions. 
  • Help to keep a balance between professional life & personal life.
  • You can see well-being & productivity insights in Microsoft Teams. If you are a remote worker, you can understand your working style & behavior. Accordingly, you can improve your remote working habits. 
  • Have you ever seen any awkward moments when you have virtual meetings? Maybe your team members’ families are going here & there without knowing about the meeting. To prevent this, Microsoft Teams offer background images. 
  • Microsoft Teams is integrated with Microsoft Office Suite. You can access many office apps like Powerpoint, Word, Excel & OneNote.  
  • It gives access to use project management tools. 
  • It allows you to contact your team members through emails, video calls, or an internal discussion platform. 

The benefits of Microsoft Teams as a remote working tool:

  • Help to conduct productive & effective meetings with team members. Participants can record the meetings, share screens & transcribe calls. 
  • Team members can share & edit documents directly in Microsoft Teams. So, if you use this tool, you can have efficient document management. 
  • With the help of customization tools & workflows in Microsoft teams, you can enhance your company culture. 


Slack is a cloud-based service that helps organizations communicate. It is based in America. Since its founding in 2013, the business has expanded steadily.

Slack is one of the top remote working tools popular among top brands like NASA, Netflix, Spotify & Airbnb. 

What you can do with Slack: 

  • Slack is a great tool for messaging, sharing files & collaborating. 
  • Additionally, you may categorize chats according to topics and incorporate activity from websites such as Github, Trello, and Pingdom. 
  • You can make a channel specifically for each client and invite only those working on that project to join.
  • You have complete freedom in Slack to work whenever, wherever, and however, it suits you. 
  • You may easily communicate, send video and audio, or join a meeting to have a live discussion.
  • Slack improves the performance of all your tools by allowing you to integrate reducing programs and personal apps.

Remote working tools: For Project Management


Trello is one of the best remote working tools for task & project management. It is a visual tool that helps you to manage projects, tasks & workflow. Over 2,000,000 teams across the globe, including Zoom, Google & Visa, are using Trello for their project management. 

The boards in Trello display the upcoming tasks & the completed tasks. Your team can see the to-do list and ongoing & completed tasks at a glance. 

Cards in Trello represent the tasks & it has all the information you need to complete the job. With the cards, you can see who is accountable & it is helpful to keep track. Plus, you can include necessary attachments within cards. 

Trello facilitates communication amongst remote employees, no matter where they are situated.  Anything from team collaboration, ideation, meetings, planning, and scheduling, Trello is ideal. 

If you manage remote employees, try to use Trello as a tool for remote working. 


Hive is among the best remote working tools that have an all-in-one option. Top brands like Google, Toyota & Starbucks use this tool for project management. 

What you can do with Hive:

  • There are no restrictions for tracking projects, tasks, or sub-actions. You can assign the steps and include due dates to maintain accountability. 
  • With your “My Actions” to-do list, you can immediately check deadlines and access all tasks assigned to you.
  • And you can track the time you spent on each task on your workspace in different categories. 
  • You can schedule meetings related to a task through Hive.
  • Use Forms to quickly and conveniently collect data. All information will be kept and made readily available from Hive.


This tool is a web task management tool for businesses & agencies. Monday.com is similar to Trello. 

Over 152,000 companies, including, Canva, HubSpot, Coca-Cola, & Hulu, use this project management tool. 

You can see the task progress on a dashboard & allocate tasks to team members. And you can plan marketing activities with a budget in mind. 

Monday.com simplifies work and moves things along swiftly using the tools you use every day.

With personalized dashboards and reports, you can make wise decisions.

In a single shared workspace, Monday.com helps users stay connected and contextually aware.

Remote working tools: For Asset Management


1.Google Drive 

Google Drive is a part of Google WorkSpace. It is a great asset management tool for working from home employees. 

I don’t think that there is someone who doesn’t know about Google Drive. School students, undergraduates & businesses use the Google drive tool. 

You can use this tool for file sharing, storing & collaborating on with any device. 

Google Drive is integrated with Google Docs, Google Sheets & slides. Remote working teams can create content & work together efficiently. 


Canva is an amazing tool for designing & sharing your content. It is similar to Adobe but easier. You can easily share your designs with team members wherever they are. This tool has amazing features. 

You can create anything like Social media posts, portfolios, reports, posters, carousels & videos. Canva has thousands of templates for anything you need. 

Canva has a free version & a premium version. There are more features on the Premium version. Even if you don’t know anything about designing, Canva will make you a pro designer. 

Remote working tools: For Time Tracking


1.Every Time Zone

This tool will be helpful if your company has employees from different countries. Different countries have different time zones. 

So, it is hard to manage working hours. 

Every Time Zone tool shows the current times in different countries based on team members. 

For a clear understanding of who is working where you can also establish your team in the app to see by time zone. Additionally, you can easily add people to meetings by email or an iCal file using this tool to choose them based on their time zones.

Be more Productive when working from home

remote working tools

Some People think working from home or managing a remote company is hard. Well, that is because they don’t know the best remote working tools. If you have the best tools to work from home, your life will be more easy & productive. 

In this blog, I have explained the top 10 remote working tools. 

Since remote working is the new normal, any company or employee should know these tools. 

Before reading this blog, you may have wondered, “What are the best remote working tools?” “What are the examples of essential tools for working from home?” I hope now you have answers to your questions. 

As a remote company, we use these tools to get maximum outcomes. If you need any digital marketing service, our team at DigiFix is more than happy to help you. Visit our DigiFix website for more information. 

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    Do you want more traffic?

    Hi, we are an Australian digital agency doing groundbreaking work to help a business like yours reach its full potential.  My only question is will you qualify for our services?