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As per the yearly Digital Trends report by Econsultancy and Adobe, B2B organizations see customer experience (CX) as the most exciting opportunity for 2021 demolishing traditional content marketing and online media advertising.

It’s understandable that small businesses that are juggling with numerous other priorities on a restricted budget are hesitant to prioritise customer experience along with other core business functions. That’s why we are going to explain all the reasons why customer experience management should be a priority and how it affects your business. 

What is customer experience?


Customer experience is the view of your brand held by your customers, accrued from all their points of exposure to it. This includes their first impressions upon seeing your brand, the experiences they have buying from you, experiences with customer service and how they interact with you on digital platforms such as the website and social media. It’s the sum of their interactions with your brand, so it’s not limited to just one department. As per industry master Jason Bordeaux, client experience is, “the impression you leave with your customer, resulting in how they think of your brand, across every stage of the customer journey.”

With that in mind, businesses can come up with different strategies to provide a superior customer experience such as;


  • Adding new support means, (for example, live chat) to make it simpler for clients to find the solutions they need
  • Increasing the measures of supportive information on your site by working out blog content, FAQs or knowledge base articles
  • Minimizing friction in the checkout procedure by removing unwarranted steps or condensing form fields
  • Building policies around how promptly you’ll follow up with questions and/or issues (such as committing to responding to all requests within 48 business hours)
  • Practicing positive communication and active listening when interacting with customers (for example, by making instant video conferencing available for solving tricky customer support issues)
  • Building up a profit cycle that clients like
what is customer experience

Why Is Customer Experience So Important?


Customer experience goes hand in hand with customer satisfaction

Meeting your customer expectations is one of the main factors that determine the success of a business. And customer satisfaction is more important today than ever. A totally satisfied customer contributes more to the business revenue than any other while advocating for your brand, increasing your brand value and creating a positive image among competitors. 

Customer experience is one of the key determinants of customer satisfaction. Businesses should make sure that they provide a positive and memorable experience to their customers along every step of the customer journey from their first interaction with customers to providing after-sales services.


Positive customer experiences create loyal customers

One of the main determinants of customer loyalty is customer experience. Even though you provide a high quality product that matches all the functional requirements of customers, there’s a great possibility that they will not purchase that product from you again if the experiences that the customer face along his/her purchase journey are not positive. A superior customer experience ensures that your customers will keep doing business with you in the future.

Acquiring a new customer costs seven times more than maintaining an existing one. Therefore, it is very important for businesses to invest both the effort and money on providing superior customer experiences.


Superior customer experiences give you an edge over your competitors

With the competition and the highly dynamic business environment, it has become very challenging to differentiate your business from all the other competitors. Customer experiences provide a huge competitive advantage for your business to stand out. Therefore, it is crucial for businesses to develop customer-centric approaches.

How to Improve Effective Customer Experience Management?

Here are a few steps that businesses can use to improve the overall customer experience.


Treat customer experience as a predominant strategy

Providing a positive experience to the customers should not be a responsibility of a single department or a single employee. All the departments and employees of a company should be a part of this and therefore, it is important to include customer experience in the corporate strategy. Customers should be given a positive experience in all the steps of their purchase journey, so it is very easy to create a memorable and positive image of the business in the minds of the consumers.


Take better measurements

It is very important to know whether the customer experience approaches implemented by your business are working or not. For this, all the experiences of the customers should be monitored and evaluated. Direct customer feedback can be very useful in measuring these approaches and taking corrective actions. Therefore, businesses can use various techniques to collect customer feedback in different stages of their purchase journey like feedback forms, rating systems, surveys, etc.

Commit to constant improvement. Keep experimenting, tweaking, and refining your approach to get even better results. 


Keep your brand standards consistent

The experience that your business provides to the customer is as important as the product itself. Therefore, you should convey your business values and personality at every point of customer interaction. People should get the same feeling about your business from their first interaction till the very last. This can be very helpful to keep the brand at the top of the minds of consumers since people easily remember feelings for a long time.


Improve your human customer interactions

No matter how advanced the technology is today, customers prefer a human touch once in a while when conducting business. Therefore, businesses should ensure that every person in their customer service and sales teams are trained to provide the best possible human interactions with their customers. Routinely monitor, study, and improve those interactions.

Improve CX



Customer experience is not something that you can do overnight. It needs time, commitment, knowledge, and assets. However, this is not something that you can ignore. It is one of the most important elements for a business to survive.

But don’t worry, once you have invested your time and set customer experience as a priority, it’s a matter of executing, step by step. So take your first step today. 

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Hi, we are an Australian digital agency doing groundbreaking work to help a business like yours reach its full potential.  My only question is will you qualify for our services?

    Do you want more traffic?

    Hi, we are an Australian digital agency doing groundbreaking work to help a business like yours reach its full potential.  My only question is will you qualify for our services?