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Threads app from Meta is what everyone talks now & let’s see about Meta’s new app. This is a  Threads review.

Over the years, Facebook attempted to rival Twitter, even going so far as to replicate features like hashtags and trending topics. Finally, Facebook’s parent company, Meta, made its most significant action to challenge Twitter directly.

On July 5th, 2023, Meta launched its new Threads app for both Android & iOS. 

As of Thursday morning, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced on his verified Threads account that the app has already gained 30 million sign-ups within launch day.

Threads app receive 30 million sign ups

Thread is a platform developed by Meta’s Instagram team to share posts with up to 500 characters. You can include links,photos and videos (5 minutes duration) in your posts. 

Threads account is linked to a user’s Instagram profile. So, users can share a threads story as a post on Instagram. Otherwise, they can share the link of the post on other platforms.

Meta’s new app Threads is totally free to use & you can download it from the Play Store or App Store. 

  • Play Store download – Link
  • App Store download- Link

On Threads feed, you will see the posts of people you follow on the Treads app & Instagram. And also there will be suggested content as well. 

How to sign up for Threads?

Even though Threads is a rival to Twitter, it is not an individual platform. Users need an Instagram account to use Meta’s new app. Because they ask for your Instagram login credentials to sign in to this new platform.

So, follow the below steps to sign in,

  1. Install the Threads app in the play store or apple store.
how to sign in to Threads app
  1. Then, you will need to select your Instagram account (if you have multiple accounts, select the one you need.) If you don’t see any Instagram account on the Threads login screen, check if you are logged into Instagram.

    3.Then, you can customize your Threads app profile. You can enter your name, a bio & any link you want to show in your profile. Or, you can import that information from your Instagram profile.

    How to sign up for Threads app

    4.Then, a privacy option screen will appear. You can either make your profile public or private. That is your preference. 

    5.Then, you can follow all accounts as in your Instagram profile. Or, you can follow only those you prefer. Click Follow All to follow the accounts you are already following on IG.

    Now your account is ready to go. Just like that, with simple steps, you can sign in to Meta’s new app. 

    How to Create a Post on Threads

    Now that you have a Threads profile let’s see how you can create a post on Threads.

    1. Click the “Create” icon at the bottom.
    2. Start to type in the text area. There is a 500-character limit to each post. 
    3. Now, you can select who can reply to your post. You can select Anyone can reply option, only people you follow option, or People you mention the option. 
    4. Then, click the “Post” button at the bottom right corner to share your post.

    Can I delete my Threads account?

    It’s common for any platform to give users an option to delete their accounts. But that is not possible in Threads. 

    Users are quite worried about Meta’s decision regarding deleting a thread account. You can’t delete your Threads account without deleting your Instagram account. 

    But instead you can deactivate your account. It will hide your profile & your posts from everyone until you come back.

    deactivate threads account

    How To deactivate your Threads account,,

    1. Open the Threads app & click the profile icon at the bottom left corner.
    2. Then click “Account”, & then there will be an option called “deactivate profile” & click it.
    3. Then, again, click the Deactivate Threads profile button. It appears at the bottom of the screen.

    4. Then, you’ll see a notice that says, “This will not affect your Instagram account.”

    Meta’s Threads vs. Twitter | A comparison

    Twitter vs Threads

    Meta’s Threads and Twitter is the center of attention in recent discussions. 

    People have different views on Threads. Some think it could challenge Twitter’s popularity & become a potential Twitter killer. And others believe it’s just a copycat. People who weren’t happy with recent Twitter changes are welcoming threads with open arms.

    So, we thought of discussing the comparison of these two platforms. 

    Threads & Twitter are two social networks with different features for social media users. 

    Meta launched Threads as their new social media platform. It is a platform focused on sharing posts. Each post has a 500-character limit & users can add videos, photos & links to a post. 

    Threads are integrated with Instagram (as you already know). Users can share their Threads posts in Instagram stories as well. Or they can share a link to the post on other platforms. 

    Twitter, on the other hand, is a popular social media platform that has been here for a while. It depends on “Tweets,” short & real-time messages. Each Tweet is limited to 280 characters. 

    On Twitter, users can have public conversations & follow people they want. There are features like hashtags, retweets & more that help users to share their opinions, news & thoughts. 

    Threads is not an individual platform since it is integrated into the Instagram app. But Twitter is an independent platform. 

    Apart from those differences, there are some differences regarding communities & content formats. 

    Since Instagram is closely connected to Instagram, it attracts people who are already on Instagram. On Twitter, there is a unique community base with individuals, organizations, public figures & businesses. 

    Threads are more visually oriented, where users can insert videos & photos in their posts. Twitter has a culture of sharing news, having real-time conversations & building a network. 

    The cold war between Meta & Elon Musk

    The cold war between Meta & Elon Musk<br />

    Elon Musk responded to the launch of the Threads app by threatening legal action against Mark Zuckerberg. 

    Musk’s lawyer, Alex Spiro, sent a letter to the Meta CEO & Facebook founder, claiming that Meta had used Twitter’s secrets and other intellectual property to build the new app. The letter also accused Meta of hiring former Twitter employees, who were accused of retaining Twitter documents inappropriately.

    In a recent tweet, Musk commented on the potential legal action, saying, “Competition is fine, cheating is not.” 

    Threads or Twitter | What will survive?

    People have various views about Threads, but it has caught people’s attention and sparked discussions. The oner

    We don’t know yet if Threads will totally change social media or if it will become famous with a specific group of people or niche.

    However, the fact that more and more people are downloading Threads & the team behind it is still working on enhancing it indicates that it has the potential to grow and find its place in the ever-changing world of social networks. 

    Only time will reveal how successful Threads will be in the fast-paced world of digital communication.

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      Do you want more traffic?

      Hi, we are an Australian digital agency doing groundbreaking work to help a business like yours reach its full potential.  My only question is will you qualify for our services?