Google Lens to explore and learn about the world:

Google Lens is an application developed by Google that uses image recognition and artificial intelligence (AI) to provide valuable information about objects and places around you. It can recognize items, offer contextual information, and even translate text.

Google Lens, launched in 2017 and initially pre-installed on the Pixel 2 smartphone, has become necessary for various Google services such as Google Assistant, Google Search, and Google Photos app. First announced at Google I/O 2017, it has undergone significant development. While many users are aware of Google Lens on their phones, they might not be using it to its full potential.

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How to use Google Lens?

How to Use Google Lens on iPhone & Android phones?

Open the Google App on your iPhone or Android phone. You will notice a camera icon on the right side of the Google Search Bar. Click that icon.

How to use Google Lens on iPhone

Now you can either point your camera at an object or upload an image from your mobile phone. Let’s discuss the 1st method. Point your mobile camera at the object and click the shutter button.

How to use Google Lens on iPhone

Then Google Lens will show information about that object. Otherwise, you can add an image from your mobile phone.

How to use Google Lens on mobile phone

Using Google Lens is that simple! If you have an Android phone, you can often access Lens directly from one of the various modes in your camera app.

How to use Google Lens on desktop

Now, you can either drag a photo or upload a photo on your device. Or you can paste a link to a photo.

How to use Google Lens on desktop

What Can Google Lens do?

1.Copy text

One thing I love about Google Lens is that I can copy text from anywhere. For example, when I read a nice quote in a book, I would like to use it as a caption for my social media post. Instead of manually typing the quote, I can use Google Lens to copy that straight from the book.  

Whether from a book I read, or a sign I see on the road, I can easily copy the text to my device. It’s a pretty handy feature that Google Lens offers you.

Using this feature is simple. Take a photo of the text you want to copy and go to Google Lens. Select the “Text” option and then, highlight the area you want to copy. 

How to use Google Lens to copy text from a page

Or You can tap the “Select all text” option to copy the whole area.

Then click the “Copy text” button. Now you can use the copied text anywhere you prefer.

How to copy text using Google Lens

2.Identify Animals, plants, flowers and more

If you are a curious person who loves to learn new things, Google Lens could be your buddy who can teach you everything! Everything!

Imagine you walk through a beautiful flower garden and one flower catches your eyes. You are curious to know what that flower is. You can use Google Lens easily to learn about that flower. Here is how to use Google Lens to identify flowers (or anything you want). 

Take a picture of that flower and head to Google. Click the camera icon inside the Google search bar.

How to use Google Lens to identify flowers

Upload the picture you have just taken. Then click “Search.” Google will provide you with information about that flower. Refer to the below image.

Google Lens to identify flowers and plants

Some camera apps, like Google Camera, have a built-in option to access Google Lens. If you also have that option, the process will be easier. You just need to point your camera at the flower or plant you need to identify and go to Google Lens mode. 

This feature is not only for identifying flowers. You can pretty much identify anything like flowers, plants, animals, famous paintings and more using the Google Lens app.

How to use Google Lens

3.Scan URLs

The next Google Lens feature is also a handy one to make things easy. Have you ever wanted to visit the same website on your mobile that you visited using your laptop or PC?

Let’s see how to use Google Lens to scan a URL and visit a website. Open Google Lens on your phone and point the URL on the laptop/ computer browser. Then tap on the URL on your mobile phone. Then select the “Website” option and Google will take you to the relevant website.

how to use Google Lens to scan URLs

4.Check reviews and star ratings of restaurants, bars and cafes

When traveling in a new country and city, one burning question is, “Where can I find good and delicious food?” While exploring, you might come across various restaurants and cafes.

However, deciding where to eat based solely on their appearance is not wise. It’s essential to check the reviews and star ratings of those places before making a decision.

Google Lens can help with that too! Simply take a picture of that restaurant (make sure that the name is visible) And it’ll identify the place and show their star ratings and reviews from Google Maps.

This can be incredibly useful when you’re in a new city and unsure which restaurant will offer good food.

5.Visual Match Feature

Imagine you come across a beautiful table lamp and want to find something similar. Google Lens can help you with that. Simply take a picture of the lamp, open Google Lens, and upload the image.

Then, click the “Visual matches” button to find similar items along with buying links.

Google Lens Visual Match feature

This feature isn’t just for lamps; you can use it to find almost anything, anywhere in the world. 

So, the next time you’re at a friend’s place and see something you like, just take out your phone, snap a picture, and let Google Lens find a similar item for you.

6.Translate text in real time

Imagine you’re traveling in a foreign country and don’t know the local language. It can be challenging to understand road signs, boards, or even a menu when ordering food.

But don’t worry, Google Lens translates text. Google has integrated its services across various apps, and now Google Translate is part of Google Lens. This feature allows you to directly translate text from nearly 109 languages into your native language.

Here’s how you can use Google Lens to translate text:

Take a photo of what you want to translate. Then head to Google Lens and upload the photo. Google Lens will translate the text. You can even copy that translated text and listen to it.

How to translate text with Google Lens

7.Scan QR codes and Barcodes

Google Lens can scan QR codes and barcodes to quickly access information or websites. This feature is particularly useful for making payments, accessing loyalty programs, or getting more details about a product.

Additionally, Google Lens supports QR code reading natively, so you don’t need to install any third-party apps from the Play Store to use this functionality.

8.Identify Skin conditions

If you get a rash on your skin, you might panic thinking what causes that rash. You cannot find an answer to the cause of that rash unless you visit a doctor in person.

But did you know that Google Lens can identify skin conditions? According to a blog article posted by Google, Lens can search for skin conditions.

To use Google Lens for identifying a skin rash, open the app on your phone and take a picture of the affected area. Upload the photo, and Google Lens will display visual searches that match your image.

google lens skin conditions

Google states that this feature can also help identify other conditions such as lip bumps, nail lines, and even hair loss.

However, it’s important to remember that the app will provide information about the skin condition based on the uploaded photo and available internet data, and it should not be considered a diagnosis.

9. Book Review and Summary

Book Review and Summary using Google Lens

Google Lens now offers special support for books, similar to its features for animals and plants. When you scan a book using Google Lens, it provides a summary, purchasing links, eBook recommendations, and reviews.

If the book is available in Google’s Books storage, you can even read excerpts directly. What’s particularly amazing is that Google Lens can identify the book’s title even when scanning paragraphs from inside the book.

This feature of Google Lens will prove useful for librarians, academics, and students alike.

10.Solve math problems

If your child is stuck on their math homework and turns to you for help with their equations, you can impress them by using Google Lens. Simply scan the equation with Google Lens, and it will assist in solving it. This feature can make tackling math problems easier and more engaging for both you and your child.

How to use Google Lens to solve math problems?

1st take a photo of the math problem and then upload it to Google Lens. Now select the “Homework” icon.

Solve math problems with Google Lens

Google Lens will solve the math problem and show you by step process.

While Google Lens isn’t flawless and can sometimes make mistakes, I’m optimistic about its continuous improvement over time. Its reliance on machine learning suggests that it learns from errors and enhances its capabilities daily. 

Anyway, we hope you learnt how to use Google Lens in everyday life using different devices and make your life much easier!

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    Hi, we are an Australian digital agency doing groundbreaking work to help a business like yours reach its full potential.  My only question is will you qualify for our services?