In this Technical era digital advancement starts with a website and your website is your secondary identity.” If you are planning to start up a business, one of the main decisions you have to make is whether you want to develop a business website or not. Even if you do have a successful business that has made it this far without a website, you might be thinking, “Do I Really Need a Website and What is the point of having one if my company is already profitable?”


To answer in a nutshell, it has never been a better or more critical time to invest in designing a website for your business. A website provides a wide range of advantages for businesses of every scale, and most of these benefits, like the Internet itself, grow in value rapidly over time.

If you are still confused and not sold on the idea of designing a website for your business, we have composed a list of the most significant advantages a simple website can provide to your business. It’s time to consider about building your site.

Why is a website important?

A website offers a multitude of benefits for your business and ultimately helps you achieve your overall goals. It is important designing a WordPress site for your business. It is a platform of competition where businesses can win by using SEO or Google search engine tools which helps to increase the business value year over year, just like the Internet itself. Moreover, not having a WordPress website means consumers trust you less. In fact, people admit to making judgments on a company’s credibility based on website design. People are used to making decisions for doing business with a company they trust, and a website is the first place they go to check for credentials, reviews, and awards given by other people. If you think “I need a website for my business”

Furthermore, your business web design describes as follows:

  • Who are you?
  • The services and products you offer to the customers. 
  • The best possible way to reach out to you is by contact or location.   
  • What about the other services and collaboration with other businesses? 

We are living in an era where people seek immediate contact information about what they need, and your website offers all the answers they are looking for and even more. Improving your business further by satisfying the clients can be easy by having a professional website and also helps to improve consumer’s trust and grow the business more and more. In fact, the Internet provides unusual opportunities for every business to grow by evolving, involving, and creating a good appearance and services to build your website. 

Web design and development is crucial since it affects audience preference for your brand and it either makes an impression to stay on your page or not. Website is a way for clients to learn about you and your services, good web design will help you to keep lead with the impression and stand out from the crowd.

Also, the market changes that took place in 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic proved how important it is to have a website builder and other online platforms to reach your customers. And because of this, even individuals and small businesses websites that didn’t believe in websites shifted towards digital platforms since it became a necessity to survive among the competitors.

This is an opportunity to run your business on a global platform and the one main goal of web design and development is to attract customers and reduce the distance between you and your customers on this global platform. 

designing a website for your business

Let’s look at some more reasons why you invest in designing a website for your business for your business:

01) It sets the first impression of your business.


There is a saying that the first impression is the best impression. This has been proved to be true for many businesses. If the customer enjoys the initial interaction with the business, there is a very high-quality probability that the customer will continue purchasing from you. On the other hand, if the initial impression is a negative one, there is a very high chance that the customer will never engage in any sort of business with you.

Today with the advancements in technology and easy access to the internet for almost all customers, a business website has become one of the most common initial touchpoints between a customer and a business in the online presence. If you don’t have a business website, there is a very high chance that the customer will go through one of your competitors’ websites and become their customer. And also the perception about your business for that customer would be negative and less reliable.

Therefore, by having a website you can give an idea of who you are, your unique selling propositions, your values, etc. in the very first couple of seconds the customer enters your website and there is a high possibility of ultimately converting that customer while entering their email address. Contact pages and landing pages are important in web designing.

02) It gives more opportunity to enhance the business


Unlike the early days, today with having unlimited access to digital platforms your customers are just a few clicks away from you. You can be a business of any type, any scale, websites offer you huge opportunities like getting more calls to action to grow and sustain your small business in the longer run.


Having a website allows you to communicate exactly what you want in a timely manner to your target audience. You can easily communicate offers, special announcements and anything you want your customers to know within a couple of minutes. Anyone who is interested in your business can look up to you 24/7 and make a purchase, which is not something you can do only by having a physical store.


Another most significant benefit that you can enjoy with a website is targeting any location that you want. You might be a business that is based in Melbourne, but you can show your website through Google Ads to anyone anywhere in the world and make them your customers. You also have the ability to translate your website into different languages, so you can easily approach customers in other countries.


03) It builds the trust of customers and enhance the credibility of your business


Today with easy access to the internet, anyone can claim that they have a business. But if you have a professional website with proper credentials like phone number, address, reviews from customers, recommendations, etc., this can positively impact the credibility of your business. The important thing about a website is that you have the scope and the freedom to represent the business as exactly who you are to your customers.


Now people are so busy with their routines and busy lifestyles, so they have no enough time to visit the shops. Because of that reason they search directly on the Internet and get the information about the products and services online. However, you have to keep in mind that there are hundreds of other businesses who are offering the same product or the service just as you. Therefore, it is very important to have reviews and testimonials from your stakeholders including your customers, employees and partners to improve the credibility of your business. Having a website that speaks out about who you are using various elements such as reviews and testimonials, awards, press releases, conferences, statements from different stakeholders, your story and milestones can have a direct impact on your business credibility and ultimately on your business success.

Testimonials- designing a website for your business
04) It gives consistency in your business and positively impacts the branding efforts


Most of the businesses have an idea of who they want to be. But it can be very challenging when it comes to communicating your brand identity to your customers. Businesses with huge budgets like Nike and Coca Cola do extensive advertising campaigns for this purpose, however not everyone can afford to do that. 


Having your own website allows you to communicate your brand identity through consistent content, colours, themes, images, tone of voice, and values. This enables customers to relate your brand with your brand personality and in the long run, you will be able to improve the top-of-the-mind recalling of your brand in the minds of the consumers.

05) It is cost effective


In the early days, if you have a business idea and want to start a business, it was a must to have a physical store. And not everyone could afford this. But today, with unlimited access to digital platforms, you customise and create your online store to match your budget in social media marketing.


It is true that improving your website, and adding different elements to it is going to cost you money. But you can always start with a very simple website and move forward doing the improvements with the profits you achieve through your business website.


When it comes to designing and developing a website, you always have multiple options that you can choose from depending on your budget. If you are a start-up and cannot allocate a lot of money for this, you have access to hundreds of tutorials on how you can develop a basic website by yourself on YouTube and many other self-learning platforms like SkillShare. But if you can allocate a portion of your budget, you can hire a web development agency to develop your website to meet all your expectations.

06) Growth in e-commerce


E-commerce has been growing at a rapid rate in the last few years and today has become one of the most crucial elements for a business to survive and to face the competition. Lifestyles of people have changed and people are shifting towards online purchases more and more everyday. Especially with the Covid-19 pandemic, even the people who were not used to purchasing products online had to get used to this and so did most of the businesses. 


Having a website enables you to add various e-commerce elements to your website such as shopping carts, inventory management systems, payment gateways etc. And if you are not offering these options to the customers, there is a fairly high chance that you are missing out on a lot of potential customers. Today, e-commerce is no longer an option, but a necessity for a lot of businesses.

07) It helps to stay ahead of the competitors


Today almost all businesses are running on digital platforms and if you want to stay in the competition, you should adapt to these changes as well. As we discussed through the above points, the Google search engine result pages are the first place that people come to search for products or product ideas before making a final purchase decision. And because of this, almost all the businesses try to develop at least a basic website, so that they don’t miss out any potential customers. So if you want your potential customers to come to you rather than leaving you for your competitors, the first thing you should do is having a website for your business. You can design your website to be attractive and visually appealing to capture the attention of your potential customers and include content to communicate who you are and your unique selling proposition to stand out from the competition.

In conclusion, websites are crucial for businesses today. The internet penetration, e-commerce, technological advancements are growing drastically like never before and are estimated to grow in future too. So if you still don’t have a business website, now is the ideal time to start. If you need any help in designing your website, creating a digital marketing plan or any other technical area our team at DigiFix is more than happy to help you.

Do you want more traffic?

Hi, we are an Australian digital agency doing groundbreaking work to help a business like yours reach its full potential.  My only question is will you qualify for our services?

    Do you want more traffic?

    Hi, we are an Australian digital agency doing groundbreaking work to help a business like yours reach its full potential.  My only question is will you qualify for our services?