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This blog article presents you 8 Best YouTube Channels to learn Graphic design

I have seen many articles who listed YouTube channels to learn graphic design. But most of those only listed the names of channels without much detail. But in this article you can see why each & every channel is unique from others. 

Humans perceive images & video content faster than textual content. It is easy to remember the things that we see rather than read. That is why many learners watch tutorials & video lessons to learn specific subjects. 

YouTube is the 1st platform you remember when mentioning video tutorials. You can find thousands of tutorials, guides, vlogs & other lesson content on this platform. 

YouTube is the one-stop shop for learning many things for free. You only need a digital device & a good internet connection. Many experts share their knowledge & expertise in many subjects on YouTube. There are many tutorials, guides & informative videos on YouTube with easy access. 

This blog presents you with 8 YouTube channels you can use to learn graphic design. 

Best YouTube Channels to learn Graphic design



1.Adobe Photoshop

As you already know, Adobe Photoshop is an essential tool for graphic designers. So, their YouTube channel can’t be ignored if you want to sharpen your design skills. This channel has 618,000 subscribers at the moment. The creator is Adobe. 

Even though there are many graphic design YouTube channels, this channel will be on the essential list. This channel offers informative Photoshop tutorials. 

Adobe provides starting guides for many Photoshop features within this channel. If you are looking for a quick tutorial, this channel is perfect for you.

2.Will Paterson

The creator of this channel is Will Paterson. This channel is idle if you need to enhance your logo design skills. Currently, this channel has 608,000 subscribers. 

Will is known by many people in the creative industry. During his college period, he realised that he is passionate about graphic design. He practised photoshop & developed his skills. 

He has a large audience on YouTube as well as Instagram. He frequently shares logo designing tutorials, design principles & calligraphy techniques. From time to time, he shares tips & guidance to start your freelancing career. 

This channel creates content on logo designing, illustrating design tutorials & hand lettering. Not only beginners but also professional designers can learn from this channel. Subscribe this channel to enhance your graphic design skills. 

Subscribe today to get the most out of his channel. 

3.Satori Graphics

Tom Cargills is the creator of this channel & it has 942,000 subscribers at this moment. Tom started this channel back in 2009. Now it is a successful channel with a large number of subscribers. 

Satori Graphics channel delivers tutorials & PSDs for free of charge. This channel gives essential knowledge from creating a website design to becoming a great digital artist. 

For anyone who wants to learn Adobe Photoshop & Adobe Illustrator, this is the perfect channel for you. The content on this page is valuable for you to improve your skills. 

To go forward as a graphic designer, subscribe to this channel to get tutorials & other designer content.

4.Yes, I’m a Designer

The creator of this channel is Martin Perhiniak & he is a certified Adobe Design master & Instructor. Currently, his channel has 541,000 subscribers. 

The most important thing is that Martin Perhiniak was named one of the top 10 Adobe instructors in 2015. It explains the value of his YouTube channel for a person who wants to learn graphic design. 

Martin teaches design principles, technical knowledge & composition techniques, and more in his channel. He has many experiences in this industry which makes him an expert. You will gain valuable knowledge from his channel.


The creator of the TipTut channel is Mathew Fryer & it has 251,000 subscribers. Currently, this channel has over 500 free design tutorials & articles. 

This channel is perfect for any graphic designer who wants to enhance their knowledge & skills. The creator shares design tips & valuable tutorials. He not only teaches you the design process but also the reason behind it. It is not common in other channels you find. 

You will find content about print design & animations. Since 2016, this channel is contributing to all the designers who want to be pros in their field.

6.Free School Graphic Design Tutorial

The creator of this channel is Hafiz Tri Handoko & it has 72,000 subscribers at the moment. This channel is great for learning graphic designing concepts like logo designing, letterhead designing, web designing & more. 

There are many Adobe Photoshop & Adobe Illustrator tutorials you can watch. Use this channel to learn many tricks & tips for Adobe Illustrator for free.

7.Arnau Ros

The creator of this channel is Arnau Ros & who has 7.7K subscribers. Arnau is a talented freelancer who designs products. This channel has content related to UI, UX, Figma & freelancing tutorials. 

He has a ton of tutorials on how to use Figma, one of the most well-liked tools for designers to solve problems. Arnau has produced a number of tutorials that will assist you in beginning your freelancing career as a newbie designer.

8.Spoon Graphics

The creator of this channel is Chris Spooner. After his graduation, he started his career in the creative industry. Then he started his blog “Spoon Graphics”, which led him to start his own business. Eventually, he made a reputable name in the digital design industry. 

This channel currently has 510,000 subscribers & upload tutorials frequently. In his channel, you will see informative tutorials about graphic design such as Adobe Illustrator tutorials, Photoshop tutorials & logo designing.


Previously if you needed to learn something you had to visit a university, college or an institute. But now you can learn anything by using your mobile phone, laptop or any other digital device. Many companies now hire people with the most skills. Use your time to learn something valuable for your future. 

YouTube is like a university for people to learn anything for their lives. In this blog article I have presented to you my favourite & also the best YouTube Channels to learn Graphic designing. 

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Hi, we are an Australian digital agency doing groundbreaking work to help a business like yours reach its full potential.  My only question is will you qualify for our services?

    Do you want more traffic?

    Hi, we are an Australian digital agency doing groundbreaking work to help a business like yours reach its full potential.  My only question is will you qualify for our services?