Discover the most effective AI tools for teachers to improve their teaching skills & upgrade the educational experience. Explore how to use AI in education sector.

AI tools for teachers are gaining popularity & becoming more readily available. The use of AI in education empowers teachers to maximize their classroom time and use resources more efficiently.

Since we are interested in the use of AI in education, we shared a blog article about Chat GPT for teachers. We got many positive responses from the teaching community for that blog. So, we thought of sharing some of the top AI tools for teachers.

These AI tools for teachers will help you improve their teaching skills & give the best for their students. Let’s see how we can use AI technology to make teaching & learning more fun & effective.

Top AI tools for teachers


AI tools for teachers QuillBot

QuillBot is a famous online writing tool that uses artificial intelligence (AI) technology to help users improve their writing skills. It primarily acts as a grammar and writing checker, but it also has other features for improving the quality of writing. 


  • QuillBot helps teachers to create lesson materials, assessments & worksheets. 
  • You can input a paragraph or sentence to QuillBot & generate a similar one that preserves the core meaning. 
  • This AI tool for rephrasing can help teachers create new teaching materials and worksheets from existing resources without starting from scratch. 


AI tools for teachers QuillBot price

QuillBot offers both a free and a premium version. The premium option is just $9.95 per month. And it includes benefits like unlimited word processing, advanced grammar checking, a plagiarism checker, and additional features. Given its budget-friendly pricing, teachers can utilize this AI tool without breaking the bank.

2.PowerPoint Speaker Coach

AI tools for teachers , PowerPoint Speaker Coach

PowerPoint Speaker Coach helps teachers give better presentations in class. It listens to how the teacher talks during a PowerPoint show and offers tips to improve.

It’s a valuable tool for teachers aiming to make their lessons exciting and captivating. When teachers improve their speaking skills, students can stay focused. 

PowerPoint Speaker Coach is particularly beneficial for new teachers who aspire to master the art of delivering fantastic presentations.


Speaker Coach assesses your speaking speed, pitch, the use of unnecessary words, informal language, euphemisms, and culturally sensitive terms. It also identifies instances where you talk too much or merely read from your slides.

Following each practice session, you receive a report with statistics & suggestions for improvement.

Refer to this page for more info: about Powerpoint Speaker Coach – Click.

3.ClassPoint AI

AI tools for teachers , Classpoint AI

ClassPoint AI is a tool made especially for teachers. It can turn any PowerPoint slide into questions. Even if you have one word, ClassPoint AI can make a question from it.

For instance, if your slide has the word “Digital Marketing,” ClassPoint AI will notice that & create questions related to it.

You can pick different questions, like multiple choice or fill-in-the-blanks, to suit groups of people.

Pricing- ClassPoint is free and very simple to use. If teachers want to enjoy all its features without restrictions, they can subscribe to the ClassPoint Pro Plan. This plan gives them unlimited access to ClassPoint AI, Draggable Objects, Saved Classes, and advanced Gamification.


AI tools that teachers can use , Slides AI

SlidesAI is an AI tool that assists teachers in swiftly producing attractive and captivating classroom presentations. It employs advanced AI tech to craft presentation slides and layouts from text input, allowing you to concentrate on the essential aspects. 

Additionally, it offers automatic recommendations for suitable images and graphics related to the presentation’s content.


  • SlidesAI creates presentation slides from the text you provide. Whether you give it a topic idea or the content you want, SlidesAI will process the information & transform it into well-structured slides in seconds.
  • SlidesAI also offers a selection of ready-made templates and themes. This feature helps to pick the ideal style to match your presentation requirements.
  • SlidesAI smoothly connects with Google Workspace, making it possible for real-time collaboration with your team members.


Slides AI is available for free, which makes it a fantastic option for educators who are mindful of their budgets. Additionally, there are pro plans starting at just $10.60 per month, which provide extra features like the option to export presentations in high-quality formats and access to premium templates.

5. Education CoPilot

AI tools for teachers , Copilot

Education CoPilot is an essential AI tool every teacher should consider for their classroom. This tool helps with a wide range of tasks like,

  • Generating lesson plans & activities
  • Create curriculum
  • Develop personalized learning activities & more. 


  • Education Copilot’s AI lesson planner is the heart of their system. It’s excellent for creating well-organized & quality lesson plans for any subject, topic, or concept.
  • Easily make handouts that explain everything about a specific topic or subject for students and teachers.
  • Copilot offers more than ten tools designed to help you save time both in and outside the classroom.


Education CoPilot provides both free and paid versions. The free version has numerous features. But with the paid plan, you will get advanced capabilities such as AI templates, document editing, lengthy handouts, and automatic saving.

6. Formative AI

Formative AI is an artificial intelligence tool designed to help educators evaluate their students’ work. It offers real-time feedback on student performance, highlights strengths and weaknesses, & enables teachers to adapt their teaching approaches. 

Formative AI streamlines grading tasks, saving teachers time, & offers valuable insights into student performance that can shape upcoming lesson plans.


What sets Formative AI apart as an exceptional tool for educators is its ability to individualize students learning. It uses AI algorithms to analyze student answers & offer customized feedback based on each student’s unique needs. It helps teachers to properly assist each student.

Pricing- Completely free to use.

7.Chat GPT

ChatGPT is a cutting-edge AI tool that can help teachers in different aspects of their profession. It uses natural language processing technology & machine learning to simplify communication, streamline tasks, and improve the overall teaching process.

You can refer to our blog article on Chat GPT for teachers to study how to use this AI tool as a teacher. 

How teachers can use Chat GPT

Special Features-

  • ChatGPT can answer questions from students in real time and provide quick explanations & clarifications on a range of subjects.
  • It can help to generate lesson plans, assignments, & other educational materials. It helps to save teachers valuable time.
  • ChatGPT can help language teachers by providing translation & pronunciation assistance, making it easier for students to learn new languages.
  • It can analyze student work, show personalized feedback & help teachers tailor their teaching to individual student needs.
  • ChatGPT can suggest educational resources, including articles, videos, and books, to supplement classroom instruction.

Pricing: ChatGPT offers a range of pricing options to accommodate different budgets:

  • Free Version: Provide limited access to basic features. 
  • Subscription Plans: For $20 per month, ChatGPT Plus offers unrestricted access to ChatGPT, even during busy periods. It ensures quicker response times and gives priority access to new features and enhancements.

Teachers can select the plan that best suits their needs & budget, making ChatGPT a perfect and valuable AI tool for teachers.

8. Yippity

AI tools for teachers , Yippity

Yippity can effortlessly turn any text or webpage into a quiz. When you provide text, it can automatically create questions & answers. You can copy & paste those into a flashcard or quiz tool. 

You can add 10,000 characters & Yippity will generate Q&As that you can share with others. 

Yippity has a free version that gives you 3 AI quiz generations per month. The paid version is $4.99 per month. It offers unlimited AI questions & access to new features.


Perplexity is another AI chatbot similar to Chat GPT that generates responses to user inquiries conversationally. Perplexity provides source citations & related topics & helps users to dive deeper into the context. 

You can ask a question from this tool & get a proper response with a more detailed explanation. For example, I asked “what is AI?” & check how it gave a proper answer instantly with citations & related questions. 

AI tools for teachers , Perplexity

This tool is great for teachers to use in Classrooms to elevate their skills.

The best part is Perplexity is completely free to use.


Grammarly is an AI tool that can be highly beneficial for teachers. Its primary function is to improve written content by checking and correcting grammar, spelling, punctuation, and style errors. 

Teachers often need to create lesson plans, assignments, & reports. Grammarly helps to ensure that these documents are well-written and error-free, improving clarity and professionalism.

Grammarly has a free & premium plan. The free version includes grammar checking, spelling, punctuation, conciseness, and tone detection.

The premium version is $12 per month & has many additional features like full-sentence rewrites, word choice improvements, tone suggestions & more.

More AI tools for teachers to use AI in education,





Smart Sparrow



AI powered digital learning platform.

TeachMate AI



AI-powered tools to support primary & secondary school teachers.

Brisk Teaching


Free & Paid

AI co teacher that helps in teaching related tasks.

5 minutes lesson plan


Free & Paid

Online AI tool that creates engaging lesson plans in 5 minutes.



A tool to support teachers to make a significant impact in the classroom.




Teaching assistant with over 60 AI tools available.



Free & Paid

Create AI-generated games, assessments, & review assignments.



Free & Paid

Lesson planning tool for English teachers.



Free & Paid

An educational technology company that uses AI to help teachers. 




AI tool that generates lesson plans, worksheets, activities & assessments.

Enhance your teaching skills with AI tools for teacher

In summary, AI tools are a game-changer for teachers, simplifying tasks and revolutionizing how they engage with students. By adopting these technologies, teachers can create dynamic and effective learning environments, ultimately shaping a brighter future for all.

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